11 February 2010

Icicles and towers of snow

This icicle is almost touching the snow! It has to be at least three feet long or more! It has started melting already too!
This is the view after a little shoveling out my front door.
My six foot hubby next to the mountain of snow that is taller than him!
Massive icicles in the backyard
Another view of our massive icicle, see I told you it was almost touching the snow!!!!
Well according to the BWI Airport we got 19.5 MORE inches yesterday bringing the total to 89 inches in the last 12 months! HOLY CRUD! I wanted to take a few pictures to show you what we are dealing with. Here you go.


  1. Love your pics...looks just like mine..lol sorry you have so much snow and more coming??? Whats going on with the weather?? Love your card too. Be safe and warm thanksf or sharing. Hugs,Kathy

  2. Wow, you took great pix of this winter that just won't go away! you know that there is another just waiting in the wings, hitting Sunday night - Tuesday....batten down!
    Kim xXx


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