30 September 2010

LSNED Sept 27-30 2010

Sept 27: I learned that I need to figure out balance in my life. I am still (and probably always will) with my various roles. I just need to remind myself to not lose ME in the process.
Sept 28: I learned Caitlyn has a better understanding of coming events than I thought she did. Shots are OK if stickers and new toys are involved!
Sept 29: BE YOURSELF. There is only ONE you and NO ONE is perfect no matter what they think or you see. I learned a few other lessons about people and their lack of social etiquette but do not know a nice way to put it!

Sept 30: I learned that I still love to read. I have ALWAYS loved to read but there is a problem with that, I get so involved in the book that everything else comes to a halt until I finish said book, therefore I do not read as much as I did before. My Mom tells me that I always had a book in my hand way before even kindergarten. I remember always carrying at least two with me in the event that I finished one there would always be a second. I love to read, I love escaping into a new world.

To say I am impressed and proud of myself comes hard to me but I am with this project. I honestly was not sure that I would be able to keep up with it but I did and it was interesting to see the different things I 'learned" this month. I have the back and final page to do, it will be a synopsis of sorts but that is it. September is over and I completed this project YAY!

29 September 2010

Scrapbook pal Sept SECOND creation

Wow can you believe it is the END of September already!? WOW! Where did the time go! I hope it is cooling off everywhere and you are looking forward to my favorite season FALL! Today I am sharing with you my last creation for this month for the AWESOME Scrapbookpal.com. I was so excited that I was able to use the Create a Critter Cartridge AND the matching Embossing folders. I also was able to also experiment with the super cool smooch accent inks. Let me tell you there is a learning curve with those if you are impatient like me LOL!

I made this mini purse notebook for Caitlyn. She loves purses and she loves to draw so this way she can take it with her in the car. She picked out all the papers and colors and I tried to match them as best I could so forgive her, she is only two after all LOL!

How I made it:
1. Using an old cereal box and MULTI CUT on four I cut the purse (accessory on page 36) twice at 8.75 inches.
2. Cut twice out of the patterned paper and twice in white card stock to cover the fronts and insides at the same 8.75 inches.
3. Cut the flower on page 47 (shift and layer 2) at 2 inches in white card stock
4. Color flower with smooch inks. I choose Sugarberry and Luscious Lime.
5. Lastly cut the scalloped oval on page 60 (phrase shift) at 2 inches in white card stock.
6. Color the white scallop oval with various distress inks. I choose Vintage Photo, and worn lipstick.
7. Adhere the pattern paper to the front of the purse with Scotch ATG 1/4 inch tape.
8. Sand along the edges/insides to get smooth with file or Basic Grey precision file set.
9. Using Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher attach the distressed colored scallop oval in the center underneath the lace attached to the top.
10. Attach smooch ink colored flowers to handle and bottom right corner.
11. Make monogram with smooch colored fabric "C" thicker.
12. Emboss the inside WHITE card stock pieces with the smiling flower embossing folder. Color in with various smooch inks and markers.
13. Adhere with atg tape.
14. I hand cut the inside pages and dotted them in the bottom right corner with smooch ink.
15. Doodle along the handle and you are done!

Other ingredients:
Chesnut Roan Ink
Gelly roll metallic pens
Zig glue pen
Mini glue dots
Honeybee scissors
Book Rings
Lace from stash2 pearls

26 September 2010

LSNED Sept 25-26

Sept 25: I learned a lot but the most interesting thing was learning there are WHITE peacocks in the world. I really did not know that, and they are gorgeous. I also learned that they are NOT albino. Yesterday was the MOMS Club Consignment sale; I also learned that charity work is so fun when done with friends. On Friday I got Caitlyn a new to her scooter for 5 bucks and she LOVES IT! I also scored all her birthday and Christmas items too! YAY!

Today I had the bright idea to purge and sort my scrapbooking paper. I found it funny that I have TONS (overflowing) in blue/green when you would THINK it would be pink/purple. I seriously have an issue with paper and will only be buying the Basic Grey Basics and a few SHEETS of Christmas. I do not need anything else for a LONG TIME!

25 September 2010

LSNED Sept 23-24

Sept 23: I learned that the days are long but the years are short. I am amazed daily that Caitlyn has literally grown up before my eyes!
Sept 24: I learned how much I miss my Mom. It made my day to find out she is coming to visit next month. I also learned that I love to find great deals on good used toys and C is just happy with them.

23 September 2010

LSNED Sept 13, 20-22

Sept 13th: I learned that pigs can be glittery, chickens have spots: Life on the farm to two and three year olds is supper funny!

Sept 20th: My signature are the five pieces of jewelry that I will NOT leave the house without no matter what: my engagement ring, wedding band, Valentine ring, Italian charm bracelet and Great GrandMas charm on my chain.
Sept 21: It really is all about the little things!
Sept 22: I learned that I am getting old, sickness is still the boss here, Minnie mouse needs meds/vapro rub too and being sick just basically really sucks and puts me in a GROUCHY bad mood!

20 September 2010

LSNED Sept 12,and 14-19

Sept 12th Rainy days are good for......
Sept 14 (need to take a pic of the 13th) Top ten Reasons I love FALL.........
Sept 15: Today I learned that friends are a gift. A good friend from the MOMS club brought me orange juice since I could not get out and needed it to feel better!
Sept 16: I learned that Cassie is a friend for life and I am blessed to have her in my life now.
Sept 17th: I am NOT a good patient. I do not know how to take it easy or relax even when I am sick. I have issues with feeling guilty.
Sept 18: I cannot create for others for "Pay" It stresses me out and makes creating no fun!
Sept 1: Today I learned Date Nights Rock!

So with being sick and not being able to do much I fell behind. However I caught up last night and this morning. I know some of the adhesive shows and some of the things are not straight, I will go fix it, I just wanted to get caught up. Enjoy.

19 September 2010

Welcome Baby Beach Banner

I made this this morning. I used Country Life the pennant cut at 7 inches, polka dot folder in the cuttlebug for the texture. The edged circles and font is from Cake Basics. Everything at 1.5, 1.75 and 2 I think. LOTS of ink on EVERY surface. Ran the font through the same folder as the pennant. Threaded some kraft ribbon through the back and called it a day. She is shipping these so I kept it relatively simple and embellishment free. I am so tired now!

18 September 2010

Baby Beach Shower Items

My hairstylist and fellow MOM friend and I bartered haircuts for favors. I did not know what I was getting into. No really it is fine just I wish I was not sick doing these. Here you go. She asked for 30 of these jars in a JUNGLE theme to put bath salts in. I am also designing and printing 150 labels for Hershey Nuggets......but SHE gets to wrap them YAY! Tomorrow if I don't feel like total death I hope to get the banner she wants done and then my end of the barter will be completed YAY! Here is what I came up with. I used New Arrival and TBBM for the monkey face, the elephant face, and the tag that I stamped THANK YOU on. I hope she likes them since I am NOT doing them over LOL! Everything is inked within an inch of its life LOL!

16 September 2010

If you have a minute...............

Would you go to my awesome friends KarelJs blog HERE and vote for whichever creation you like the best. The creations in the contest are on the far right with the voting poll to the left of them. I entered several times but I want you to vote for what you like the best. The winner gets a Freshly Picked cricut Cartridge (I don't have this one!) Thanks y'all! Let me know you voted and for which one if you want and I will give out some small blog candy along with those that voted for Jackson when I can hold my head up longer than five minutes!

15 September 2010

Simple Joy

I am sick. Really sick. Cant breathe, head congestion, horrible sick. Everything wears me out, so I am behind in LSNED 2010 BOO! I hate being behind and being couch/bed ridden but that is what I need to do right now. I finished this layout a few days ago. I hope you like it, the last of the pictures I thought I lost.

14 September 2010

Autumn Beauty

I found some old pictures from 2008 of Caitlyn that I thought I lost in the move. I love them of her! I love fall and love the beauty of her and the season. Simple and quick but I like it!

13 September 2010

Scrapbook pal Sept First Creation

Good morning all my lovely followers and new readers! Today I get to share my first creation for SCRAPBOOKPAL.COM using the AWESOME Create a Critter Cricut Cartridge AND the matching EMBOSSING FOLDERS!I also got to play with SMOOCH inks for the first time! WOOHOOO! How cute are they!!! My first project is a regular sized card. There are lots of details on this so lets get going!

1. Emboss blue card stock using the TWEET Embossing Folder.
2. Using a sander or sandpaper gently sand the embossed areas for some definition.
3. I used GELLY ROLL metallic pens and GLITTER pens to add various colors/accents to the frame, tweet and the little bird!
4. Color the birds little flower with LUSCIOUS LIME and SUGARBERRY Smooch Accent Inks.
5. The birds eye got a small dose of POOL and LUSCIOUS LIME Smooch Accent Inks.
6. Using a scrap of green polka dot ribbon I made some grass with scissors.
7. Hand draw or stamp the tree, adhering coordinating brads for some texture.
8. Hand cut or stamp a sun and cover in Diamond Dust or glitter glue.
9. Cut one piece of patterned paper at 2 by 2.25 inches for the background of the stamped image.
10. Cut one piece of white card stock 1.75 by 2 inches for the sentiment. Stamp sentiment, use Chestnut roan ink for the all the edges on sentiment and card.

Quick but cute card. I hope you like it!

11 September 2010

LSNED Sept 10-11

Here are the lessons I learned for Sept 10 and 11. I know Sept 11 is not over but really there was nothing I (a former Soldier, always patriotic woman, and Army brat) was going to learn that was more important than getting my thoughts down about this day nine years ago. I had a lot to say but mostly "NEVER FORGET!" Where were you that day? What do you remember? Do you realize you are part of history? Scrap it!

For yesterday my lesson was on gratefulness. I am so grateful for my little healthy happy family where two plus one is three. In life we tend to get hung up on the everyday stressors (or I do) and I need to remind myself that we are so blessed and lucky. I have seen how others live in the world, all over.I have seen oppression, suppression, poverty beyond your dreams, sexism to the extreme and the worst that mankind has to offer, so I KNOW how lucky we are, just let me assure of you that. We live in a society where we can do/say/be anything that we wish. We can speak our minds and argue our beliefs, practice our religion of choice or not, live how we wish and do what we want. We are so very blessed and lucky. Please remember that always and forever. Hug your loved ones today and everyday. Speak with love and joy not anger and spite!

10 September 2010

LSNED Sept 9th

Yesterday I learned that Little (and big) girls still need naps. Caitlyn has been fighting me for weeks on it, she still has quiet time and EVERY day she does not nap she is OUT by 4pm! I wish she would just learn that on this Mom is right LOL!

I also learned that a trim is a good way to bring life back into your hairstyle.
That I love to create for others, and get super excited.
I learned that I LOVE the dollar bins at Michaels! OOOH!
I also learned that when I see a GREAT deal on Cricut Carts I will snatch it up for blog candy!
I learned that some people are just grouchy all the time, nothing I do will fix it!

09 September 2010

LSNED Sept 7 and 8th

I got a little behind with being so tired yesterday but I am back on track now YAY! I despise being behind in anything! I am so a planner and the person that does everything RIGHT away so I am not stressing later (I do procrastinate on some things though!).

On September 7th I learned that a beautiful day should be spent at the park with great friends. I have been grumpy and lazy lately but Tuesday the weather was gorgeous so we ventured out with Cassie and the girls to the local duck pond/park. The girls ran, played on the swings/slides/climbed and watched the ducks and geese for hours. We also got a lap or so around the pond in so bonus exercise. It was very relaxing and rejuvenating! I love awesome weather and friends!
Yesterday I learned that I am a grown adult and if I want blueberry muffins for dinner every once in a while it is just fine. I craved muffins ALL DAY yesterday but our day was packed with errands, walking at 9, gymnastics at 10, lunch, nap time, more errands and I was running on about 3 hours of sleep. So the only time that lent itself to me making them was around dinner time. I had some bagel dogs and then enjoyed several freshly baked muffins and they were yummy! They really hit the spot AND made a great breakfast this morning!

08 September 2010

NSBR: Vote for Jackson please!

A good friend of mine from college is trying to win a photo contest over at Pottery Barn on Facebook. All you have to do is click like on this link:


I think he is ADORABLE!

Thanks yall.
For everyone that votes, leave me a comment and I will draw a name to win some scrappy goodies!!!!!

07 September 2010

LSNED Sept 6th

Yesterday I was a grouch plain and simple. I wanted to be left alone, I was cranky, grouchy and just one of those days. I did not think I had learned anything until I got onto the online class forum (Learn something new everyday) and found out that a total stranger is going to pay for me take another class with this amazing teacher, all to say THANK YOU for hubby and I's service! I was floored and really speechless. And if you know me that is WOW all on its own. You see since being back from Iraq in 2005 I have lost some faith in mankind. I find that I feel most people are bad people and I KNOW this is NOT true but it is something that I am working on. So her kindness really hit home that there ARE awesome people in this world (besides my family, friends and followers!) So that is what this page is about.

06 September 2010

LSNED Sept 5th

Yesterday I learned a few things: how to use Smooch inks, that sometimes a project just wont work no matter what, that I am getting into vintage things, that I love my daughters laugh and will do ANYTHING to hear it. I also learned that I HATE when she whines. But importantly I learned that I CAN ask for help and it is OK. This is going to be an ongoing lesson for the rest of my life I am afraid. I sure hope Caitlyn does not pick up this attribute of me!


First thank you ALL for coming and hopping along with the CCFA! We loved it! It looks like we got two new fairies from it so WOOHOOO! If you are still interested in joining it is NOT too late, please send me an email at cricutcardfairyarmy AT gmail DOT com with your messageboard name and email. We would LOVE to have you!!!!!!

I used random.org to pick the number and then went to EVERY SINGLE blog to make sure you commented! It took three tries BUT the lucky winner of THREE CUTTING CAFE Stamp sets of your choice is .................................................


Congrats hon! I have your email (you left it!) so I will send that to Regina to get your THREE FREE PRINTABLE stamps! WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! You HAVE to come and tell me what you got! I want so many of them!! YAY! Enjoy!!!!

05 September 2010

Learn something new everyday-online class

If you are here for the CCFA blog hop PLEASE SCROLL DOWN OR CLICK HERE

So starting Sept 1 I began a 30 day online scrap booking class called "Learn Something New Everyday". It is basically a class that gets you going and realizing the different things we learn everyday if we look for them. It is a snapshot of the month per say. I have decided to do a MINI (yes ME!) So far so good. My mini is 5X7.5 and will be binded at the end using my BIA. I love it so far. I have decided to do the pages back to back making each one a pocket to stick my journaling which is done on shipping tags, and my bits/bobs from the day. I am adding pictures at the end so keep that in mind. Here are my pages thus far!Cover should look familiar!

Title page
Sept 1st
Sept 2
Sept 3
Sept 4

In case you cant read them:
Lessons from all days are:
Sept 1: Today I learned that chaos comes in the form of a 2.5 year old and that I would not have it any other way!
Sept 2: Today I learned that EVERYONE makes mistakes. I cant beat myself up over it, no one is perfect.
Sept 3: Today I learned that even though Jon and I both have college degrees; neither can sew a straight hem!
Sept 4: Today I learned that I am NOT a city girl, I am a suburban/small town girl!!!!!

03 September 2010

Ready to HOP!? Second CCFA Blog Hop!!!

Do you need some last minute back to school ideas? How about ideas on scrapping those school pictures? Just like the school themed items ? Then do we have a great bunch of inspiration for you! So sit back, relax, grab a drink and snack and enjoy the Second Cricut Card Fairy Back to School Blog Hop!

Our second blog hop is sponsored by the very talented and generous Regina from CUTTING CAFE.
She cranks out amazing designs almost daily. I am in love with almost all of them and can't wait to get the Welcome Fall and a personalized stamp from her! She is also very generous. She has donated a great grand prize for this blog hop AND gave my fairies images to work with! How sweet is she? So while you are hopping and getting lots of inspiration make sure that you leave comments on all the blogs to be entered to win THREE CUTTING CAFE STAMP SETS OF YOUR CHOICE from the wonderful Regina. I will check to make sure the winner that random.org picks has commented on ALL the blogs and post the winner one Monday afternoon! Good luck!

Now let's get hopping. I am your first stop on the blog hop. I am the Commander of the Cricut Card Fairies. I began this wonderful group of ladies over two years ago and we are so happy to announce that we have sent over 650 missions (card requests)(just sent out mission 660 on Thursday!) all over the world to those that need a smile or good thought. My fairies are so kind, generous, and talented. I have fairies that have been with me the entire two years and we are so happy to welcome anyone that wants to join our ranks. To do so please send me an email at cricutcardfairyarmy at gmail dot com with your Cricut Messageboard name and email. I will get you added to our great ranks and you can start cheering up people around the world.

Today I have a project to share with you that is not really back to school but could easily be adapted to serve that purpose. I have signed up for my first ever online scrapping course that starts Sept 1st. It is called Learn Something Every Day. I thought that the ALL ABOUT SCHOOL stamp set that Regina graciously gave to some of the designers would be perfect for this project. I used the pencil, chalkboard, and apple for the front cover. I love it! You could make this a mini album, or a journal to record something that your child or yourself learn everyday for a month or more!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the whole blog hop to be entered to win the images (got to comment on all the other ones too!) Now head off to the next stop: GRKIDDO aka GINA. If you get lost please come back here and follow the links listed below. Happy hopping!

Here is the order:
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GRKIDDO http://ginathorntonstamping.blogspot.com/
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Return to me to leave me a comment about your favorite part of the blog hop!