29 October 2011

Homemade round four swap items

I hosted the fourth round of Homemade swap where I partner ladies up and they create four things off a long list for their partner. It was due October 10, well with the move and getting sick I was not able to meet up with my partner (who lives ten minutes from me WOOHOOO) until last night! This round we were to choose one theme from the five our partners listed and create our items in that theme alone. I choose FALL for my partner and created five things. My items were a 6X6 canvas, a 5X7 clear frame altered to a to do list with dry erase marker, some note cards to put in the Soldiers packages that she sends out, three simple candle holders with LED tea lights, and a note box (this was my first one and it was not perfect). I had a blast (as always) creating for Jen and I hope she enjoyed the items as much as I enjoyed the one she made for me (pics coming soon!)

26 October 2011

I am seeing spots!

Good morning. I know I have been a spastic blogger at best! I apologize. Today I wanted to share the wall decorations that I did for my space in the basement. I used my cricut, some circle punches and blue and brown vinyl. I love it!!! What do you think? Also how awesome is that 12X12 tile sign that smlbugg made me on the CMB? I love it! I want to hang it up but gotta figure that one out, for now it is on an easel on my desk. I love it! Thanks again hon!

Yes the polka dots only go so high up the wall, it was as high as I could reach LOL!

19 October 2011

Scrappy supplies to the rescue!

So C is MAJORLY into Dora the Explorer right now. She is all about it! Well she wanted a backpack and a map just like Dora (those things are expensive by the way). So since I know that her phases are shorter than her attention span sometimes I made her one with things we already had. Her Papaw bought her this little back pack last year and it is the perfect size. So with some scor tape I adhered huge googly eyes, and a red pipe cleaner for a map-VOILA instant backpack that has not come off all morning long! Then she requested a map, so a scrap of white card stock, more googly eyes and a piece of the pipe cleaner, some scrap ribbon and there you go. One very happy girl. Yay for a big stash. What have you made with your scrappy supplies to help out around the house?

17 October 2011

The basement is complete! Pic heavy!

The basement is done! YAY! I am sure I wil do some rearranging as we start living in here but the basic set up is done. I need to LABEL everything and sort/organize my stamps but besides that I am done! YAY! It is not magazine worthy but it works for us and we each have our own designated area and lots of space for C to run in the middle YAY! Plus having a bathroom with a SINK down here ROCKS!! Having a potty for C is great too LOL! Here are some pictures, hope you like it there is a lot of sweat, a few tears and even some blood in this room!
The view when you come down the stairs and turn right. This is C's play/school/craft area.
Her little desk and chair (J made them both) with her Teflon Owl placement and lazy Susan art thing.Her rolling toys, kitchen, dress up station, and foot locker of other toys
School corner, re purposed all my old storage to house her school/craft/art stuff. I LOVE her mat! My great friend got it for us at the last MOMS consignment sale since we were not here. YAY!

Full view of my space from C's space
View from the back door and to the right
My punch storage (need two more rails to put baskets on)
My black-brown Expedit (16) with attached desk. The fabric white ones are not all full and they are the Drona (4.99 each) in case you want to get some! They ROCK and hold SO much!

The back side. The paper cabinet J made me only has about four shelves of card stock in it as I decided to go vertical with all my pattern paper. The little one on top of that has some half or less stacks that I will go through eventually.
My homemade clip it up. I cleared out two four drawer jetmax with this thing! YAY! AND only the bottom is full, the middle is about 1/3 and the top is empty!

My four matching shelves IN STUDS! My wraparound counter tops supported by 2X4 on my jetmax (which are mostly empty right now!)
Hubby's spot. This will change as he builds his custom desk and we rearrange as needed.
View from my desk to the left, loving the mini fridge too!
Amazing sign that my Soldier made for me years ago. Sorry blurry, couldn't get it to focus!
Our undecorated bathroom. I just love the sink being here, so much easier for clean up!

So there you have it. What do you think? I have to say I am pretty darn proud of J and I. He laid the floor, did the quarter round; hung everything and hauled the boxes downstairs. I did the rest and he seems to like it! C loves it and I can't wait to create in my new space. Next up and final is the garage/attic. Then time to alter some pieces to put on the walls! YAY!

10 October 2011

Did you miss me?

Did you miss me? Well I am still buried in boxes BUT we made great progress this weekend with the inlaws here. The first floor is done; the basement floor has been laid/installed/quarteround; C's room is painted and almost done; everything in the garage; all new linens and a few new decorations were bought (for Christmas for us!); and the pantry is stocked. Next is getting the basement (craft area, play area and office) set up. Then I will work on the master bedroom (needs painting) and the guest bath/room. I am so happy! So here are a few pictures....hope to be crafting again SOON! I NEED IT! LOL!
Laying basement floor, piece by piece in a RANDOM pattern (I am SO NOT a random person!)
Preparing to paint C's room with her help!
First strokes
Such a big girl!

Helping Mommy.

C finding fun things to do!
Helping Mawmaw spray paint things for her room (her diamond hooks)
Big girls and little girls both love power tools!

I did not get any pictures of us painting the living room wall, we only painted on, well I should be honest and say that my wonderful MIL painted it. I will get a picture up of the living room when it is all done!

01 October 2011

Ladybug Cutie and a recommendation

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not all that into Halloween. Now my Dad on the other hand LIVES for it! We were always the house full of scary/gory decorations and Dad loves thinking of different ways to scare the older kiddos. He sets up graveyards and everything. Anyway, this was C's costume last year. I just loved it. We had it bought as soon as Halloween came out in the stores and she insisted on carrying her Minnie Mouse purse with it, at least they color coordinated! This layout sketch is from Let's Scrap. I did not follow it exactly since I only had four pictures but I think you can tell where the inspiration came from. As you know I don't have many of my supplies with me so I had to resort to clip art from the Internet for the lady bug. Added some white dots, faux stitching and there you go.

Now I am a self expressed lover of Signo White Gel pens, but my LSS raised the price again right before we left to almost four bucks a pop. Well while in Target I happened to see these white pens hanging on an end cap and the price was right to try TWO for 2.99! (this is a picture of the single one, the one I purchased was a double pack) I have to say I LIKE THEM! I used them on this layout and they write just as smoothly as the Signos and I did not have any of the skipping like I have had with other brands. So there is my enabler alert for the week!

As you know we built a home, well as you are reading this we are IN IT! We closed yesterday (if all went well) and spent the FIRST night in our new house. Today is delivery of appliances, getting flooring picked up, and FIOS installed. I hope to be back to blogging in a week! Wish us luck!