28 February 2010

Day 2 of Potty training

This morning was ROUGH! She was FURIOUS with me for taking her out of the diaper (we are not staying dry yet through the night); then she was furious with me for taking something away, and in retaliation she did not want to go to the potty for the first two hours. However, I am more stubborn; so she went every five minutes until she got it! LOL! After that it was smooth sailing. She had I think five accidents today, all around nap/bed time or when she was so involved with something else. The biggest accomplishment today is that she is starting to tell us when she needs to go!!! She comes and gets our hands and leads us in there. We only have to remind her every so often about taking the panties down LOL! She went once all by herself, no prompting, timer going off or anything but forgot to take the panties down! She was so proud of herself and could not figure out why she was wet. Poor girl! BUT she IS getting it!

Say good thoughts for DRYNESS and PATIENCE tomorrow as I am going solo on this one! Daddy will be at work!


  1. I feel ya!! My youngest is potty training right now. She'll be 4 in August so we have to get this before then. She has to be potty trained to go to pre-school. She knows when she has to go and can go without prompting but is so stubborn. She prefers her diapers.

  2. Girl hang in there. I don't have much advice since I don't have kids but I have tons on empathy! I'm sure that's very hard to do!

  3. Hang in there, I am going through the same thing with DS. He likes to sit on the potty but does not like to go in the potty so as soon as I pull up his pants, he goes to the bathroom in his pants. DD was so much easier!

  4. Oh my goodness sound like you have your hands full! My DD is only 1 so it's going to be a bit until I have to do the whole potty dance thing!! Thanks for sharing I've enjoyed reading your potty training journey!!

  5. Maybe you can come over to my house to help me with my 3 yr. old! No desire on her part. But if nothing happening by spring break we are going to have potty boot camp.

    Hope your day was dry!


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