13 February 2010

Day 6 of Valentine swap

Today's word was CONTAINER! I love containers and LOVE to organize so this was RIGHT up my alley! Yes I know I am a dork but that is OK! Makes me unique LOL! Anyways here are my WONDERFUL AMAZING goodies for today!!!

Melissa sent me the coolest thing ever! I have ALWAYS wanted to try to alter those poptop can but never did get any poptop cans LOL! Inside were some SWEET TREAT CUPS with all sort of sweets!!!! I love me some polkadots so those buttons are GREAT! There was some BLING WOOHOO, ribbon, eyelets/brads, lace, and skittles! What a CREATIVE IDEA!!! I love it!!! Thank you hon!!!! And of course I heart the colors!!!!
Sandy made this amazing Birthday tracker for me! I love it!! I will be filling in all the dates soon! So if you want on my birthday list let me know LOL!! She also sent me some yummy yellow glimmer mist, Sentiment stamps (really needed them!) and a cute clear stamp set of fruits with various sayings (very cute!). I love the magnetic clips that she altered, they are super strong, where did you get them from hon? I love them they are on my metal board holding special pictures right now! Do you see that little album at the bottom? That is going to be PERFECT for pictures of my passed on Grandma! Thank you sweetie!!!!! I love it all! You and Melissa are SO talented!!!

This was a good thing to wake up to since little miss was up most of the night then SLEPT until 703 am which she NEVER does for me, but did for Daddy. I was a little upset! LOL! Happy pre Valentines Day!

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