28 February 2012

Project Life Week SEVEN

This week we had the actual Valentine's day, climbing in trees for the first time, a special movie stay up later than normal night, and a few play dates. In the middle is a 6X12 double sided layout with just memorabilia that I have collected and wanted to include. We have our new favorite snacks/drinks, a napkin from where we had dinner; gas prices right now, train tickets from C's ride around the mall and more. I used a LOT of punches in this layout. To highlight C in the tree I punched some cork circles and then punched out the middles, I liked the texture and depth it gave otherwise pretty flat pages. Lots of labels too as I scored some great deals on Martha Stewart stuff at Staples.

26 February 2012

Project Life Week SIX

Here is week SIX. We celebrated Valentine's day early like we do every year. Our tradition is to celebrate the weekend before with heart shaped foods, our favorite yummy snacks, some family time, maybe an in home date night for DH and I and some small gifts. We also got our only (it seems) "Serious" snow this week. Angry Birds are BIG in my house right now, so of course they had to make the layout.

Left pageMiddle insert with cards that we made for one another
Right page-I used the packaging from C's new nightgown for the Angry bird embellishments.

24 February 2012

12 things we love right now

So I missed 12 on 12 in January but I wanted to pick up in Feb. I am not sure I will do it every month but it was neat to do it this month. This layout is about 12 random things that hold some sort of memory or sentimental value for one of us. I did not intend for the journaling to get so long but it did. So I made the entire page a pocket and the 8.5X11 journaling (two pages) slides underneath it.

23 February 2012

Purge and a little reorganization

Since we moved in back in Sept/October my scrapbook albums have been residing on the floor in a big stack. This was good for C to get them out and look at them whenever she wanted (she loves doing this!) but not so great for eye appeal or safety (what if there was a flood (knock on wood)??? So I decided to purge my Expedit (and then my armoire) that holds all my items to alter (IE notebooks, containers, tins, wooden boxes, letters etc). The second picture is my purge pile WOOHOOO! I was also able to get all my albums up in shelves! I need to label and put them in chronological order but they are up and safe! I also need to take the last three post bounds and get those layouts in the proper 3 ring. Yes I know they don't color coordinate, I was not thinking that far ahead! I am pretty happy with how it looks now and that they are safe. In doing this I also realized I don't have as many books as I previously thought. I was guessing 25 plus but after I put the post bound in 3 ring I am down to 14 filled (or will be) 3 ring albums plus Project Life and the current one I am working on (not pictured) so a total of 16. Not too horribly bad!

22 February 2012

Happy Mail-It's HERE!

***Please scroll down for the CKCB second challenge submission***

So over the weekend I sold one of my Cricut Expression and using that money and some Amazon.com gift cards I was able to get what came in the mail yesterday for 63.21 out of pocket!! It was a bit of an impulsive buy as I feel like I have outgrown (and gotten a little tired of) my Cricut. Don't worry I still have one Cricut Expression, all my carts and my Gypsy (for now). Look how happy C was playing in the monstrous box that the item came in!!!! This box has brought many smiles as it serves as a hiding place, a trap, a house, a bed and more in the last 24 hours!

So what came in this HUMONGOUS box?!?! That is right my new SILHOUETTE CAMEO!!!!Here she is in her box, she is super light, was easy as pie to set up and now I just need to find time to play! I see lots of you tube watching in my future! I will of course be back to share how I like it once I sit down to play!

CKCB Challenge two: Doilies

Doilies are all the rage right now and you can get your little hands on them just about anywhere. However I did not have a single one in my stash, so what did I do? Yep I used some doily like stamps and made my own paper to make this layout.
I used some Studio Calico stamps with watermark ink on kraft cardstock. I was going to emboss it but liked the tone on tone look. Now here is the layout. I used a lot of the lilacs/purples to compliment the clothes C is wearing.

17 February 2012

File Folder Creation

I hosted and participated in a file folder swap. You simply take any file folder and make a mini album and/or organizer out of it. I choose to make an organizer out of it since I really had no idea how to do it as a mini. So here is my creation. I won't lie folding this was HORRENDOUS but that is because I lack ANY spatial intelligence. I have to SEE it before I can do it in those cases. Hubby came to the rescue though.

I hope it helps my partner as much as it would me. I buy all year around and tend to buy TONS for the "easier" people and only a few for the "harder" people.

16 February 2012

Yes! This layout is from the Red/Pink CKCB kit!

So please excuse my pride on this one! Remember my red/pink/heart CKCB Feb kit? Well minus the orange thickers and trees ALL of this is from that kit! Yep that very girly/lovey themed kit. Insert proud smile here LOL! If you have not noticed I am into clouds lately! Good think I have some self adhesive felt and a cloud die or two LOL!

15 February 2012

CKCB Challenge one: Love Letters

Challenge one at the CKCB is to incorporate a love letter of some sort into your project. It is February after all! Make sure you come and join us! I choose to use one of the papers I made. However I started this layout a lot differently than I normally do. I started with the pocket knowing I wanted to have my handwritten note tucked in there. So then I embellished it and made it the focus of the layout. I will be adding a picture of hubby and I when I get one from this year that we both like. The only thing I added to this was the brown sticker letters. I forgot to put some bigger letters in my kit this month.

14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope today is one filled with happiness even if you are not "in love". Remember to spoil yourself, you are so worth it!

13 February 2012

L is for Lisa

Mini comp book altered for my Secret Valentine. Very simple and easy. I find it is easier to cover notebooks with paper weight patterned paper and not the cardstock. Maybe it is just me!

12 February 2012

Using stamps/stash to replicate embellishments

Second post for today please scroll down!
Here are the two measly embellishments I decided to copy this month. I loved a lot of them but I knew I would not use them so I made the two I thought I would use the most. One is a playing card and one is a journal box. Very easy using stamps and other things from my stash and they match my kit!

mini card tin

For some reason I have tons of tins in my stash ( I think they were on sale somewhere!). So I am using them up slowly. I love making these stationary/card tins. Everything you need to send off a quick thank you, thinking of you, etc. I hope they liked them as much!

11 February 2012

CopyCat papers for CKCB Feb

So I counterfeited five papers, two I made just into strips/smaller pieces and three are full page 12X12. I did this rather simply using just stamps and ink from my stash. The left paper is on white card stock and stamped with an animal print heart in pink/red. Then we have my staple, Kraft card stock stamped with a Unity Bingo card, I masked the top, used letter stamps to spell love and added the heart where the star was. Everything was stamped in white/red. The pink card stock is stamped with a word background in smokey gray (my new favorite color). The last two are just strips/smaller pieces. I simply used background (studio G dollar ones!) and repeated the patterns. They are stamped with red on pink card stock. I was so excited to use my stamps and make something use able and pretty with the dollar ones I collect (hoard).! YAY!

10 February 2012

Project Life week FIVE

This week we reached 14 weeks. Not really showing yet, just fat LOL! We spent a LOT of time outside this week as on the 2nd it was almost SEVENTY degrees outside! Very strange but we will take it! C loves to be outside, it makes her happy! YAY! I am in some of these pictures this week!

09 February 2012

Project Life week FOUR

This week we had C's first big girl haircut; her first raincoat; Valentine craft day one; Skyping with family; baby appts and lots of reading.

08 February 2012

First Creation for Momenta D lite team!

Good Wednesday morning! How are you all doing today? Today I want to share with you my first ever creation for the Momenta D lite team! Now I will confess this is actually my SECOND creation but the first is not worthy to be seen! LOL! So without further ado or fanfare here is my two page layout: A day at the Zoo!
Materials used:
DYO Dylan Large
Primary Puffy Star Icons
Earth Die Cut pad
PA 2333 OFD 12X12 (
PA 2350 FAO 12X12
Zig glue pen
Zig pen
Sharpie marker
Fiskars scallop punch
Adornit letters
Paper Trey Ink Cloud dies and white felt

06 February 2012

What is pink, red, teal and has hearts all over?

Yep you guessed it, my February Counterfeit Kit, Love my Sweetie. You should have reached me by our awesome Guest Designer Brenda Smith. If not no worries start back there as I am the second stop on the CKCB Kit Reveal blog hop. I choose to copy the You and Me from Scrapbook Circle. I did not START out thinking I would copy this one, it is very red/pink/girly/and heart filled but I just kept going and this is what I came up with. However the more I looked at it the more I saw bits and pieces I could/would use. I love Kraft, that is no secret and I have a great stash for border punched pieces thanks to a swap that needed to be used. I pulled a lot of heart/love embellishments that I have been hoarding and lots of little bits/baubles. I have made a few of the pieces to include paper and journal spots. I will share those later this month so make sure to check back for that! I like the color scheme but wanted something a little lighter so I threw in some light teal, paler pinks, and even a few splashes of pale yellow. Most of my pattern papers are smaller simpler patterns as that is what I use the most of (and have the most of). I figure it is my kit, may as well make it something I will use. Here is my version. YAY! Enjoy!
The next stop for all the pretty kits is the talented Glinda at http://razzledscrapper.blogspot.com/. I have listed all the stops in case you get lost. Enjoy!

Guest Designer: Brenda Smith http://theimperfectscrapper.blogspot.com/

01 February 2012

Coffee filter love

Talk about trying new things! I have noticed (for a few years) the love of coffee filters to make home decor and much more, and thought it was time I tried my hand at it. This will be going to one of my swap partners, her colors were blue/brown and her house is a beachy coffee house theme. I hope she liked it! I burned all the skin on several fingers for this baby! It is VERY puffy, dimensional and fluffy! I loved it so much it was hard to send it to its new home! See that bow? Yep that is my FIRST EVER tied bow. That sucker took ALMOST as long as hot gluing the 350 plus coffee filters to the foam wreath! I had this little brown seashell that I thought tied her theme in well without overdoing it. What do you think?