28 February 2010

30th Wedding Celebration

My parents have been married THIRTY years tomorrow, March 1! I am so impressed and in awe. They are good together even if they are polar opposites. I would like to share what my parents have taught me through their marriage:
1. Every day will not be perfect, every month will not be perfect shoot not even every year but how you handle it and communicating is how you get through it.
2. That no matter what happens they will always be there for one another.
3. That becoming a Grandparent can breathe new life into you.
4. Distance and weather are no worry when your baby girl is going into surgery! They drove all night one night because I was having surgery on Monday and hubby was in Korea and again when I was induced with Caitlyn.
5. You can have TOTALLY different interests, hobbies but if you love one another you will figure it out.
6. Love really is about sticking next to one another on the poorest of days in the worst of situations. Trusting and loving one another will make it work.

I love you both and hope that Jonathan and I have all the wonderful (and hard) years you have! I hope we have a great family like you do and many happy and sad memories, because without the sad/bad how do you know what is good/happy?

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Here is the card that I made and sent them:

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  1. AW, such a touching little tidbit about your parents! Love the elegant card you made for them.
    Kim xXx


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