06 February 2010

Blizzard 2010-Feb

This out our front door a few hours ago. Can you see the black thing by the tree? That is our mailbox.
Jon took this one at like 615 or so this morning! see that small black dot on the front of my car? That is my windshield wiper standing STRAIGHT UP off my windshield!!!!! And yes that is my car there!
Here is the backyard with the swing set, slide and more can you see it?
This is of the shed, the snow is halfway it! Do you see the TOP!?!? AND IT IS STILL COMING!

Well it looks like the weather man finally got it right! We have over 2.5 feet of snow I would say, not sure, can barely get out of the door. You can only see the tippy top of the mailbox and hardly anything of the backyard slide! WOW! We are going to be home bound for quite a while!


  1. WOW!!! That is a lot of snow. While I think snow is beautiful (the week before Christmas) this is too much of a "good thing". Hugs to you!!!

  2. I think you have a few more inches than us. We have about 24 inches and it is still snowing...

  3. Wowza, you guys are hit hard! Stay in and stay warm. Look at this way, you've got lots of time to play with the scrappy stuff!
    Kim xXx

  4. Do you live in PA? We got about that much too. My kids wanted to go play and I said no because I wouldn't be able to find them until it thawed.

  5. Nope Bobbi, we are in MD. My DD did not want to go out until some had been shoveled, it as tall as her since she is only two!


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