31 March 2010

Practical Scrappers DESIGN TEAM CALL

Practical Scrappers Design Team Call

Are you interested in being a designer for Practical Scrappers?
We will have a new term beginning May 1st and lasting until July 31st.
To apply please do the following:
1: Become a follower of Practical Scrappers
2: Sign up for the Practical Scrappers Message Board
3: Read the Design Team Guidelines available at the link on the sidebar
4: Email Christine at practicalscrappers@gmail.com with the following information: Your name, blog address, & message board name. Please also tell us if you have any other special talents including making videos or making sketches.
Deadline to apply is April 18th

I have LOVED my time on this design team, I have really stretched myself and find inspiration daily for my DT sisters!

For you- For the moms this weekend

Again I apologize for the lighting. I only get to craft at night these days. These are altered (simply) Starbucks Frap bottles. My wonderful friend Nancy on the cricut Messageboard has an addiction to these and was nice enough to send me a few to alter. Here are five for this weekend. Super simple and easy. I filled them with Easter Grass and Hershey Almond Kisses for the Moms this weekend.

On a side note, if you could spare a happy thought/prayer for me tomorrow I would appreciate it. I am going to to the doctor (nothing serious) but I hate doctors and this appointment will determine my Veterans Disability Rating (i.e. what care I will get for the rest of my life being a Vet). I am super anxious, have been all week, since it is in downtown Baltimore and I have to drive alone and never been there, and of course I hate going to the doctors. So just a happy though I would appreciate!

30 March 2010

Caitlyn the Tattoo Artist

I used this sketch from the Laying It down challenge on the cricut.com board. I am also entering this into the Frosted Designs challenge this week for using a transparency (the arrows!) Simple. Lots of faux stitching and dotting. Thickers for the title, a journal spot that a friend sent me and a checklist from another collection.

28 March 2010

Bubblegum machines for Easter

I made these quickly for the kids coming on Saturday. I used Cuttin Up (Serifs) at one inch to make the intials and then George at various sizes for the stars. I initially was going to use circles but the stars went on easier. I will be emptying and refilling them with jellybeans since all the kids are too young for gum! What do you think?

I am also entering this in the Cricuteers Anonymous WOMEN challenge for this week. I made them for to be women LOL!

27 March 2010

Easter CenterPiece-A first

Whole thing!
Closer view!
the top!
We are having a few friends from my Mom group over a week from today for a brunch/egg hunt and this is what I made to go in the center of our picnic table. It is nothing fancy, just friends with kiddos under three so I wanted to keep it simple. What do you think? I think my Cricut is exhausted now, have not used her this much in ages! I used ACY, Alphalicious, WIMG, Doodlecharms and EDPD! The bucket and floral foam were the only things I purchased, so this came together for three bucks! WOOHOO! I used chopsticks we already had for the skews and wrapped them in dollar spot ribbon from my stash. I used flock on the bunny from EDPD, welded EASTER using Alphalicious. Eggs, boy, girl are from ACY and the basket is from Doodlecharms. I learned a lot on this project, I forgot to flip my images for the words so they are not even and it bothers me but I am done for the night LOL!

P.S. I know the lighting is off, it is night time and I scrap in a dungeon LOL!

Trying to get my mojo back!

I used George for the hearts.Title is thickers. Doodling and used a new border punch I bought! This day Caitlyn was super cranky and clingy and nothing I did worked so I turned on the Disney channel and set in the rocking chair and before Jonathan got done showering she was DONE! She could not have been too comfortable but she stayed like that for over an hour!
I am not sure if you can read the corny journaling but it is written like a fight announcer. These pictures are from Caitlyns first road trip from NC to MD! She tried so hard to stay up but Cammie the Camry (my car) was too much and she was OUT!
I hand cut and drew the roads. Everything else (besides the VA and MD signs) is from Going Places. The journal tags are another punch I was blessed with. The VA and MD signs are actually pictures we took that I just cut out. Not sure if you can see but the window of the car says NEW CHAPTER and the little sign says MARYLAND OR BUST.

24 March 2010

Puppy and paint

This simple and easy card was made for a friends daughter. This past weekend she was attacked by a boxer and had to have a total of 19 stitches in her face! She is not even three but still LOVES puppies and pink so there you go!
Today while returning things to Michael's I was cruised the clearance bin of course and found all the little paint embellishments for .49, I thought they went perfect with this layout even though the layout is not perfect! Lots of doodling on this one.

23 March 2010

Potty training update

It has been a while since I updated you on our trials and successes in potty training. Well I can say quite proudly that she is daytime number one potty trained. She is even TELLING me when she needs to go instead of mooning/flashing everyone (most of the time!) Now number two is a WHOLE other story. It is like the entire world is ending and she is traumatized in fear of going poop in the potty! We had a few days of successes to be followed up today by a NASTY up the back accident at Chick Fila (Think she may just not like Chick Fila? LOL). Nighttime potty training is going to take some time so for now we are in diapers during the night. I hope that changes soon. Overall we are doing good, a few more moonings and flashing but that is about it! LOL!

22 March 2010

Sweet Blog award from Barb

Thank you hon. You are so kind and sweet. I love seeing what you post daily and am HONORED that you like my stuff too! Thanks for the compliment on Caitlyn too!

So the rules that Barb made for this one are to pick five people and list something sweet about them and pass the award along so here we go:

Penny- she is one of my most dedicated Card fairies and has the sweetest heart and some of the funniest cards ever! Thanks hon!

Heidi M
because I love her sketches and she always has something nice to say even on the bad layouts!

Dayna simply because she is so talented. Her posts are super fun and colorful! thanks for sharing hon!

Kim I know you will be flooded with these like you should be. You are always so sweet and ALWAYS comment, I don't know how you do it all but THANK YOU! HUGS sweetie!

Lynne she always makes me smile with her postings and we are great friends over a cuttle bug folder LOL!

19 March 2010

B-Letter Hook

I found these awesome letter hooks in the dollar section at Michaels. I HEART the dollar sections! They are MDF, come all white and can hold up to five pounds, for a buck YEP snatched them right up! I altered it a bit to go with the "Braeden" sign that I made, I am hoping it does not look too girly. I am not that great at manly or boyish. What do you think?

Practical Scrappers-Chipboard

This week at Practical Scrappers the challenge is to use that chipboard. I love chipboard, naked, painted, papered, premade, handmade, faux any type of chipboard and I am all about it. In this super simple layout I used FUZZY premade chipboard letters for the title and the buttons (although hard to tell in this picture) are epoxy stickers mounted up on some chipboard pieces for a little extra oomph. Man how Caitlyn has grown, these were from last summer at a good friends little boys birthday party! We miss them!

18 March 2010

New baby sign

This is LONG overdue. I think Braeden is almost three months old now! Yes I am slow but I really hope she likes it. I painted the canvas, then stamped the polkadotted background. The two big giraffes are from EDPD at three inches I think, I colored them in by hand and inked around the edges. The little giraffe is a new Studio G stamp that was perfect as is the word Giraffe on the bottom right. Five small clear buttons, with blue/brown ribbon. The font is BaseCamp, I cut it three times and layered for the faux chipboard look, ran through the cuttlebug, inked and added small glitter to it. Oh the brown paper is also stamped with polkadots but it is more of a tone on tone look. What do you think? I need to add the ribbon to the back to hang it up but is it OK? I have lost so much of my mojo so PLEASE tell me if it is bad! I don't want to send her something ugly!

16 March 2010

Soldier and 1st Ponytail

The pictures are not that great. I took them at night inside during a rain storm LOL. I already put them in the book otherwise I would re do them! Super simple and easy!

Sorry MIA

I have been suffering with a migraine since Thursday. Yes that is almost six days now! I have not done much but purge my stash. I do have some layouts to share but need some sunshine for me to be able to take some pictures. Please send happy migraine free thoughts my way! HUGS!

12 March 2010

Practical Scrappers Card Sketch

**********Second post for the day scroll down for my layout using white pen*********

This weekend the above sketch is being featured at Practical Scrappers. It is wonderful. The cute monkey image is from The Stamping Boutique, our new sponsor. Isn't he adorable? This was my first try at paper piecing and I am NOT a good colorer (not a word I know!). What do you think?

Practical Scrappers-WHITE PEN challenge

Everything on here is over a year old! Some of it I have had for more than five years YIKES! I used the white pen for all the accents on the title. What do you think?

10 March 2010

Dear ChickFila Patrons

Dear Chickfila Patrons,
I sincerely want to apologize for the nudity that you witnessed today while consuming your lunchtime meal. I am so glad to provide you with some much needed humor for free. The mooning that occurred today will hopefully not repeat itself but you can never tell with a two year old who is potty training. She had to go. Luckily I was able to sweep her up, attempt to cover her nudity and rush to the bathroom. I am happy to report that we were successful in our endeavor. Again thank you for your understanding in the unexpected although humorous nudity you witnessed today.

A mother of a potty training two year old

08 March 2010




We were even out and about for over three hours today and she went potty in the big girl potties SIX times like a CHAMP! Even at the park, without too much of a fuss! GO Caitlyn GO!

Ok back to your regularly scheduled programming!

Oink Oink Tails and AHHH OPEN WIDE

My dad calls Caitlyn's pig tails "oink oink tails" sometimes. I am not sure I like or love either of these layouts but they are done now LOL! I used A Childs Year for the girl with the pigtails, and for some reason in this photo the top one looks bent but it is not! LOL! I also used some ADORABLE crocheted butterflies that a nice MB member sent me! Love it!
Her dress is red/white/blue so that is where this layout came from. Thickers for the title, and I inked up the "ahhh" they were white and got lost. Some staples, ink, pen, and two journal spots and there you go. Not a masterpiece but it works. What did YOU get crafted this weekend?

07 March 2010

Out of this world Card

I am LOVING this weather! We are so going on a walk when little miss gets up from nap time. It is almost 55 degrees here! WOOHOOO! We will be spending LOTS of time outside this week so maybe not as many creations to share just FYI!

Anyhow, on to my card that I made last night. This was my first try at paper piecing (I think that is what it is called) a stamped image. Thanks to Bethany I HAD to have these super cute boy stamps, they have "boy" animals, a super cute lion, monkey, puppy, alligator, a truck, sailboat, car, two rockets, an alien, and a planet, and they are all faux stitched already! Super cute and was able to use a 50% off coupon at Michael's last week to get the last set that they had! YAY!

Goodness I am getting distracted today. Here is the card. I stamped the little spaceship, then pieced the middle piece with green Coordenations cardstock, and used the scraps from the layout that I submitted for March 19th on Practical Scrappers! So what do you think? Have I mentioned that I am newer to stamping and that I love kraft cardstock, always have even before it was "in". LOL

06 March 2010

Park, Walk and Shoveling Snow (potty training adventure)


Today it was nice out, OK not nice by Mawmaw's standards but by Maryland standards. It was in the 40's and sun shine, but the wind was a little rough! Anyways, we decided to brave it and take little miss to her favorite park about ten miles away. I put a pull up on her over her panties JUST IN CASE but had the backpack too. She did FANTASTIC! We had two successful trips to the potty there at the park and only one tiny accident, where we just did not make it fast enough! She played, slid, ran, and got jealous about Daddy saving a kid from bonking their head for over 1.25 hours! Then we headed out to the Michael's right down the road, they carry different things, and I forgot to ask her when we were leaving if she needed to go. Right as we are passing Target to go home she goes "I POTTY! I POTTY!" as loud as can be and is almost crying! So Jon rips her out of the car seat while I pull up to the curb and they run in, barely making it! WHEW! Great job little one! We were so proud that she was able to tell us!

After a long nap we went for a walk. She took Minnie in the stroller. We came in went potty, and right back out to help Daddy shovel the still there big pile of snow/ice. She LOVED helping and running around the snow as we flung it into the street. She also STAYED dry! WOOHOO! What a big girl!

Now it was not all successes today, she had a FIT when she pooped in her panties, you would have thought we were trying to stick her with needles or something! Poor girl! Took some trying to calm her down! Goodness! I don't know what the issue was! We do not punish or yell when she has an accident so not sure what the issue was.

I won! Frosted Designs!


I cannot get the blinkie to work but here is the post!



Layouts of the week

First sorry for the shadows on the pictures, I forgot to take pictures until almost 3 pm today LOL! We were having too much fun! "Water Cutie" is one of my favorites, I usually do not do orange but since EVERYTHING is orange to Caitlyn right now and her suit was orange it was perfect LOL! Title is thickers, paper from K&Company, Everyday paper dolls for the fireman hose and the water splashes are stickers from my stash. Love how the flowers match her ruffled butt! LOL!
On this layout I went stamping crazy! I tried some new to me things and some worked and some did not. I stamped on ribbon like crazy, used my nesties to cut out the bottom part of the title, paper is from Heidi Grace I think. You cannot tell in the picture but I fussy cut and pop dotted the top right flower and used my metallic pens on the stems and leaves. The little hearts through out the layout is a stamp, title stamped, ribbon stamped, precious kisses is a stamp. I liked the border of the days of the week since it went with my journaling, telling her that I know there will be a day when she wont want to kiss me but I will love and kiss her everyday and I am saving up my kisses now!
This next to last one (need pictures of other layout) was SO different in my head. I was going to go with an American Cutie Pie or something but decided that since this was the start of her Mickey Mouse love affair to do that. I made the flowers, secured with button and inked, put them in the shape of Mickey's head, thickers for the title, bling for the dot in the I, nesties for journal block (inked and distressed) and a clear flourish. I think the paper is Farmers Market by DCWV! What do you think?

05 March 2010

Ink it up! Practical Scrappers Challenge

I LOVE ink! I Love chalk! Ink it up and come and join us today at Practical Scrappers! I hope you come and join us and show off you stuff!

Here is my version. I need to do more scrapping of me. This picture was taken around or on my birthday so I did some journaling (hidden) about me right now and what I feel. I inked EVERYTHING on this layout, the ribbon, the buttons, the chipboard, the flowers, the letters, the journal box, everything! I love using ink since you can turn white/cream things into the shade that you need without buying more ribbon, chipboard etc. I also used some crackle paint on the butterflies and then inked over it when dry with brown (chesnut roan ) My favorite ink.

03 March 2010

Day 4 and 5 of potty training

We are chugging along with it. She is doing fantastic, way better than I expected. Yesterday we had to go to the doctor, it was our first outing and it was super stressful for Mommy. She OF COURSE pooped in her panties at the doctors and OF COURSE a four year old little girl had to announce it to everyone in the waiting room. She was only trying to help but it was not fun. The big potty scared her and she started crying, but nothing like when the doctor came in to look at her! OH GEESH! I totally do not like going to the doctor with this chick, it is payback for how I was with my Mom. SORRY MOM! LOL! My mom told me that when I was like ten I had to get a shot for something and it took her holding me in her lap, a nurse holding my arms, another one holding my legs and another one to give me the shot! I was apparently upset! While my little brother was in the waiting room crying for ANOTHER shot! OH goodness, I am in for it!

Besides that we had a great day of her telling me when she needed to go and me turning my focus on to telling her it was time to try when she went too long.

Today was another eventful day. We went walking at the mall with our walking group and she did FANTASTIC UNTIL we let them get out and play on the little toys and I had JUST asked her if she needed to go and she told me No then she did! UGH! Since I used all my luck up when I married my fantastic hubby, I did not have a spare pair of pants, but hers were soaked. So we put new panties on, USED THE BIG GIRL POTTY WOOHOO, and then I wrapped her up in my fleece to disguise that she did not have pants on and flew out of the mall in a short sleeve shirt into the wind! YIKES! BUT she was OK and I had pants in the car. No worries I learned my lesson, my purse now has two pairs of pants, a shirt, two pairs of socks and three undies AND I am packing a little book bag with a spare everything for her to carry! We will not be caught off guard again LOL! Tonight was super successful and she went into the potty alone and did her business, or so we thought. She came out sans panties and we had to remind her to go get them, she made an "O" face and cracked us up. I took her in there about 15 minutes later to find POOP in the potty! WOOHOO! Now let me say that if you would have told me three years ago that I would be ECSTATIC to find poop in a potty I very well may have thrown up on you but I was so excited! She did it all on her own! She is so smart (yes I know all kids do but dang it I am a proud mommy!). So that was our day five, I hope day 6 is even better!!!

02 March 2010

Hope your birthday cooks up nice!

My little brothers birthday is next week. He works as a chef for the Soldiers on base. This is what his uniform looks like, he is good at what he does and I know the Soldiers appreciate it. I hope he "gets" the sentiment inside. Tell me what you think! I used Everyday Paper Dolls to make the Paperdoll look like him, I think I should have added some huge square "diamond" studs but he does not wear them to work! LOL! I used white pen to accent a lot and black pen for the buttons and name tags. I hope he likes it!

ETA: Even though my handwriting is crooked I am linking this up on Frosted Designs. Thanks Kim!

Deals, Scores and Bargains!!!! WOOHOOO!

I ran out of the house when DH got home today to hit up Walmart and Michaels. I had legitimate things we needed and well Michaels was just for Mommy time! I am glad I did go to Walmart though, I got little one FIVE pairs of jeans, two dressy dresses, two shirts for 18.00 TOTAL!!! WOW! I bought them big for this coming winter. WOOHOO!

At Michaels I got a CUTE scrapping shirt for 5 with my 50% off coupon. Then I got two new stamps sets with 40% off coupons and all the books you see were .............wait for it........are you sure you are ready????............THIRTY CENTS EACH!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!!! YAY BABY! I love bargains!!!!!!!

Dont you just LOVE bargains! Oh the picks were .59 each and the glue dots were full price but they are for a friend!

01 March 2010

Day 3 of Potty Training


Today was day 3. I was at it alone, Daddy was at work. The first two hours were TORTURE, you would think that I was trying to slowly kill her the way she was acting! GEESH! I have a true drama mama on my hands (guess she gets a little from me!LOL) After that we were pretty good. The accidents seem to happen before nap and bedtime, she gets tired and does not think. She is taking me in there constantly and knows the drill. YAY! We are going to brave going out tomorrow to the doctor for a rash she has and to pick up my lens cap that broke at the bounce house on Friday. Wish us luck. It was not as bad today so hopefully after the first two hours tomorrow we will be GOLDEN! HAPPY DRY THOUGHTS PLEASE!

Daddys little baker

All papers are from DCWV Nana's Kitchen, the recipe cards are from FROM MY KITCHEN inked and added ribbon and buttons to make it a journal card. The font is SIMPLY SWEET welded in DS with the bakers hat from EVERYDAY PAPER DOLLS and inked/drawn on from me. What do you think? Lighting is a bit off but best I could do today sorry!