31 August 2011

Southern Girls

I made this layout for Shimelle's online crop a few weekends ago but never it loaded up, so no prize for me BUT I am super glad I got it done. This is my BFF Cassie, the mother of the other two little girls you see in my creations every so often. We are both Southern girls stuck "up north". She is from SC and I am essentially from KY area so we have a lot in common from that, but also with how we see things, the way we parent, a lot of the important stuff. This picture was snapped at my "annual" Easter Egg hunt.I love spending time with this girl and she is really a blessing in my life. We met on accident on the street on Halloween a few years back and I truly believe higher power/beings were at work. I will be so sad when they relocate next year :(

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  1. Oh I like this - especially that titling. And friends like that are hard to come by, aren't they.


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