28 December 2010

I have been tagged-4 answers

Dawn allowed all her followers to play and I am a huge sucker for things like this, I find them so interesting so OF COURSE I was going to play!

4 shows that I watch:

NCIS, NCIS:LA, SVU, and Desperate Housewives

4 things I'm passionate about:
family, this wonderful country, my friends, and crafting

4 words/phrases I use alot:
Bless their/your heart
Are you SERIOUS?
WHAT are you doing? (said to C mostly!)
Hey stinkpot (again to Caitlyn)

4 things I have learned from the past:
Life is never what we expect that is why it is so fun.
I am too critical of myself.
Speak my mind with tact
Time with family is precious and should be treasured.

4 things you are looking forward to:
Watching C grow and learn every single day
My 30th birthday this year
Seeing my parents/brother again
Possibly going on my first ever and C's first ever DISNEY WORLD trip

4 things I did yesterday:
shopped, tried not to be blown away with the wind, cleaned, and went to sleep early

4 things I love about Winter:
Warm fuzzy blankets that hubby got me
ability to wear sweats almost 24/7 (so comfy, and they are the straight leg ones not the one with elastic on the bottom)
the pretty fresh snow, and building snowmen with C
forcing me to take time off and relax and enjoy things

4 Places I would like to visit:
Disney World

Now to pass this on to 4 people:
Everyone I would LOVE if you did this, I would LOVE to learn more about you. If you do it please link me!!!!

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  1. Crystal how fun- I am so glad you decided to play along. Always enjoy learning new things about my bloggy friends.
    Well bless your heart sweetie!


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