20 December 2010

12 days of Christmas swap and a special day

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary. We have been through more than "normal" couples our age, or at least I think so. We were separated for the first 18 months or so due to war and training; had to fight tooth and nail to get stationed together after this; endured our time in the army; the hardship of getting and staying pregnant; having Caitlyn; buying our first house; selling our first house; relocating up "north" to start a civilian life; adjusting to said civilian life all while only having one another near and within thousands of miles. I love you J more today than 6 years ago when we stood up in front of our family and a few friends in our simple courthouse ceremony. I love you now, forever, always and to infinity and beyond.

Now I also have some things to share with you. My partner in the swap is moving from one state to another so she already opened her items so I can share them with you! Here you go hope you like them! Since I made almost all the days except day 11 (not pictured) I was able to get her a happy hauntings cricut cart for day one!!!!

Day two: altered candles. The word was white or tree; well my candles are cream but close enough. These are pictures I "borrowed" from her face book of her hubby and DD.
The backside of the candles, I stamped sentiments on them.
Day three: word was ooohh lala: so I made an "I" for her dd's room and included some fancy ribbon;trim.
Day four: You can "call" on me so I did this five page mini for her to put pictures of her DD in but used the word count. I hope she liked it since I loved how it came out!

Day five: Circle I made five circle clear glass magnets for her to use in her room. I also altered and decorated a box that chipboard came in to hold them.
Day 6: Favorite color My partners favorite colors were pink/brown so I made her a little composition book, band aid tin (put Dora band aids in there for her DD; an acrylic post it note holder to do frame, some flowers/bling and a roll of ribbon. The idea jar is for day 12, wrong picture and I also sent her a pocket planner/calendar to alter.
Day 7: water/ice/snow So I made these seven little wooden blocks all covered in Christmas paper, inked up and used my Cricut to make the sentiment. You may have seen these already!
Day 8: If I cant have a MAID I would love....... I made a bath kit (forgot pictures of the inside things) for her to relax.
Day 9: Girly girl This is a dollar tree cork board that I painted black and pink, added ribbon and made the nine pushpin bottle caps! I LOVED how this one turned out!
Day 10: Makes my heart leap She said the only thing that made her heart leap was her hubby's smile and her DD so I made this altered 8X10 (get it!) canvas. I loved how this one turned out too!
Day 12: sounds or memories of Christmas past I started making tags for this one and got frustrated so she has seven handmade tags, a bow holder for her DD, an idea jar and a journal. I hope she enjoyed all the things I made/bought for her. I had a great time doing this Pamela and am loving all the things you have sent me so far! Thank you for being a rocking partner!


  1. You did a great job on this swap everything is so pretty! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Lovely stuff! I'm sure your swap partner loves them all! And Happy Anniversary, I'm glad your seperaion is behind you! My oldest sons birthday is tomorrow. What a time to have to celebrate a birthday! Poor kid. I tried to make it special, but sometimes.... well, he's past 40 now, so birthday's don't mean what they did! Merry Christmas to you and your family, hugs, Jess


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