31 December 2010

Frosted Designs USE A QUOTE

I am trying to scrap pictures of my tour in Iraq, this is the second in the series. The quotes that I used are found at the bottom of my journaling block : "Freedom is NOT free" and "A battle buddy-24/7-has your back" The pictures are from the first few weeks (top) and last few days (bottom) of my tour. My battle buddy is now Caitlyns "God Father" for lack of a better word, and is a part of my family now.We joke that I will never get rid of him but you know what (and if you tell him I will DENY it) I would not want to. Even though I was the "senior Officer" he really gave me confidence in leading troops I had never met or would meet again in Kuwait and his first destination when he was reassigned to my post was to find me. He never forgets ANY ONES birthdays in our family and jokes that he will marry my Mom. We come from different worlds but as we found out war makes those differences silly and inconsequential. Bonds formed during war, or during any service in the military, are strong, solid, and most of the time everlasting. We are so blessed to have "Uncle Mac" in our lives.


  1. Great LO and what a wonderful back story Crystal! Thank you for when you share your photos and stories of your Iraq journey and for your service to our country!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful 2011! Happy New Year!

  2. Such a great memory to scrapbook. I hope you have lots of "good" experiences that you remember.
    I so appreciate everything you have done to serve our country.
    Many blessings for 2011

  3. I love this LO you did a great job with it!!!


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