14 December 2010

December Daily 1-13 2010

This is the cover. The first page is an overlay in a mossy green, the cover page is fabric.
December 1: Decorating the tree
December 2: Advent calendars; Dec 3 (needs picture) Mawmaw and Pawpaw came into town.
Dec 4: Nana and Papaw in town; Dec 5 party (will have lots of pics, flips up)
Dec 6: Her birthday
Dec 7: Trees I made
Dec 8: Sulley the elf; Dec 9 : our attempt at making ornaments
Dec 10: letters from all three of us on what Christmas means to us: Dec 11: scanned image of C's letter to Santa
Dec 12: cuddle time; Dec 13 her success and picture with Santa

I need to print off pictures but for the most part I am caught up! YAY!

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  1. Oh how cute!!! You've done a beautiful job Crystal! I have bits & pieces of mine in varying stages of 'doneness.' :)


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