31 December 2010

Happy New Year and my Goals

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Happy New Year all. I doubt I will make it to the ball dropping since it is only 830ish here and I am already dragging. I do believe I will be starting off the new year with a cold YUCK! Oh well at least that is all it is! So I am VERY good at making goals/resolutions but not so much on the following through. So this year I decided to set some manageable goals that will benefit my life.

So here we go, are you ready? What are your goals?

1. My little word for 2011 is going to be: ENJOY. I choose this word simply because that is what I want to do with my life, enjoy it, enjoy the young years with C even though they are trying some times. While enjoying my life, I will have (hopefully) less stress, less anger, less anxiety, and more fun and memories. I will be practicing enjoying my life to the fullest since we never know when it will be gone.

2. My first scrap related goal for 2011 is to stay out of the stores until at least March 1st. I would really like to dwindle down my stash, and make more pages so staying out with the exception of Valentine paper (how come I do not have a lot of red/pink at all?) and swap things NO STORES! I am even throwing away the printable ads, and deleting the online ones. I will be rewarding myself though as I scrap with 2.00 a layout, or 5.00 dollars for a double, 4.00 for a card(I don't like doing them!) and anywhere from 5-10 for an altered project depending on the difficulty. That money will go in a jar/account/whatnot and I will be able to spend it on March 2nd OR keep going and save it. I would love to have more in my personal savings so I bet that will be where it goes. I do have a top ten list but only if those items are on clearance or discounted more than 50%; but since they are all new I do not see this as an issue.

3. Get birthday cards out THE WEEK before the birthday, not the day before!

4. Lose 20 pounds before my 30th birthday in June, I would love to lose 50 or more but I am trying to be realistic. It is extremely hard for me to work out since C is so active and when she is napping or taking quiet time I am cleaning, sleeping, or trying to regain patience for the rest of the day. However I hate the way I look and feel so I will be moving more, and hopefully losing weight to make myself feel better.

5. Complete a year in review album utilizing calendar pages and month in review type layouts. I hope to write everything we do on the calendar then transfer them straight to 12X12 layout. Left side would be the calendar and the right side would be smaller pictures from that month, like a highlight page?

So that is it. Enjoy my life, less stress, save money, stay out of stores, birthday cards and year in review all while moving more and eating less.

How about you?


  1. what super great goals!! Happy New Year, and good luck!

  2. Those sound like terrific goals, Crystal. I especially love #1 and 2.
    Advice for the weight loss: always leave something on your plate, even if it's just a bite at first and then never go back for seconds---even if it's Mommy's homemade whatever. :D After a while, your stomach will start to shrink, requiring less to fill it. Just keep leaving more and more on your plate. Add in exercise or whatever else and you'll be on your way.
    Happy New Year, little momma!! You can do it!!!!!!


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