02 December 2010

December Daily 2010

I have not physically started scrapping this yet but I have almost all the foundation pages done, first page done and am taking pictures and journaling. I do not expect to get to this until after the 8th when the party is done and everyone has gone home :(. BUT I do want to post the pictures and some brief journaling so I won't forget so please indulge me. If you are doing a December daily PLEASE link me I would love to come and see yours!!!!

In no order as of yet:
I have pictures of us decorating the tree, the tree all light up, our Elf on a shelf book that we read tonight, the first day of C doing the two advent calendars we have, and the first night of Sulley the elf's antics. I know that is more than two days but we did a LOT of holiday things last week and this week since we sort of celebrate with family while they are here for C's birthday. I will be documenting the party, her relationship with each set of Grandparents, what Christmas means to everyone, Sulley's antics, Christmas light drive thru, crafts we do, decorations we make, ornaments and stockings that are special, gifts, friends, parties and so much more. I am so excited. I was really thinking this would be SUPER hard for me since we do not celebrate ON Christmas but I think I will be OK! What do you think?

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  1. Hey,
    I'm dansgg on the cricut board. I love this countdown to Christmas! nice job.


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