10 September 2010

LSNED Sept 9th

Yesterday I learned that Little (and big) girls still need naps. Caitlyn has been fighting me for weeks on it, she still has quiet time and EVERY day she does not nap she is OUT by 4pm! I wish she would just learn that on this Mom is right LOL!

I also learned that a trim is a good way to bring life back into your hairstyle.
That I love to create for others, and get super excited.
I learned that I LOVE the dollar bins at Michaels! OOOH!
I also learned that when I see a GREAT deal on Cricut Carts I will snatch it up for blog candy!
I learned that some people are just grouchy all the time, nothing I do will fix it!


  1. This is such a cool series you are doing, I love looking each day to see what you have learned and the project you did, TFS!

  2. Someday she will be begging for the time to nap. I'm off to "work" (on our Learn Something New Everyday class) now.

  3. Wow, what a day packed with learning! Love the layout and tag.
    I am sorry to be the one to bear bad news. She won't agree that mommy is right until she becomes one herself. Then one day, quite unexpected, you'll hear her say the same words you said to her! It is a strange thing indeed.
    My oldest son, to his youngest son, when he was excited and therefore being very loud, my son said, "Haven't I told you to use your indoor voice." I turned and looked at him, with a grin and he said "yes mom...you were right". We all chuckled. And I have also heard him say "Because I said so!" Which I swore I'd never use, and did anyway. And swore he'd never use it either, but did. I'm sure when they have their own kids, they'll say it too!

  4. Crystal, this LSNED series is terrific...I hope you're enjoying it...I love it! BTW, I laughed at your comment about grouchy people...so true!! :-)

  5. What a gorgeous page love the photo so cute


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