30 September 2010

LSNED Sept 27-30 2010

Sept 27: I learned that I need to figure out balance in my life. I am still (and probably always will) with my various roles. I just need to remind myself to not lose ME in the process.
Sept 28: I learned Caitlyn has a better understanding of coming events than I thought she did. Shots are OK if stickers and new toys are involved!
Sept 29: BE YOURSELF. There is only ONE you and NO ONE is perfect no matter what they think or you see. I learned a few other lessons about people and their lack of social etiquette but do not know a nice way to put it!

Sept 30: I learned that I still love to read. I have ALWAYS loved to read but there is a problem with that, I get so involved in the book that everything else comes to a halt until I finish said book, therefore I do not read as much as I did before. My Mom tells me that I always had a book in my hand way before even kindergarten. I remember always carrying at least two with me in the event that I finished one there would always be a second. I love to read, I love escaping into a new world.

To say I am impressed and proud of myself comes hard to me but I am with this project. I honestly was not sure that I would be able to keep up with it but I did and it was interesting to see the different things I 'learned" this month. I have the back and final page to do, it will be a synopsis of sorts but that is it. September is over and I completed this project YAY!

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