26 September 2010

LSNED Sept 25-26

Sept 25: I learned a lot but the most interesting thing was learning there are WHITE peacocks in the world. I really did not know that, and they are gorgeous. I also learned that they are NOT albino. Yesterday was the MOMS Club Consignment sale; I also learned that charity work is so fun when done with friends. On Friday I got Caitlyn a new to her scooter for 5 bucks and she LOVES IT! I also scored all her birthday and Christmas items too! YAY!

Today I had the bright idea to purge and sort my scrapbooking paper. I found it funny that I have TONS (overflowing) in blue/green when you would THINK it would be pink/purple. I seriously have an issue with paper and will only be buying the Basic Grey Basics and a few SHEETS of Christmas. I do not need anything else for a LONG TIME!


  1. You can NEVER have to much paper,lol.

  2. Look at all the great things you are learning!! We actually had a white peacock at our zoo when I lived in Indiana... my daughter was totally fascinated by all the peacocks!! I love the way you did the all white page with the embossing... gorgeous!! And I'm with you... I have WAY too much paper... need to stop buying and start using!! lol!!
    barb :)


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