09 September 2010

LSNED Sept 7 and 8th

I got a little behind with being so tired yesterday but I am back on track now YAY! I despise being behind in anything! I am so a planner and the person that does everything RIGHT away so I am not stressing later (I do procrastinate on some things though!).

On September 7th I learned that a beautiful day should be spent at the park with great friends. I have been grumpy and lazy lately but Tuesday the weather was gorgeous so we ventured out with Cassie and the girls to the local duck pond/park. The girls ran, played on the swings/slides/climbed and watched the ducks and geese for hours. We also got a lap or so around the pond in so bonus exercise. It was very relaxing and rejuvenating! I love awesome weather and friends!
Yesterday I learned that I am a grown adult and if I want blueberry muffins for dinner every once in a while it is just fine. I craved muffins ALL DAY yesterday but our day was packed with errands, walking at 9, gymnastics at 10, lunch, nap time, more errands and I was running on about 3 hours of sleep. So the only time that lent itself to me making them was around dinner time. I had some bagel dogs and then enjoyed several freshly baked muffins and they were yummy! They really hit the spot AND made a great breakfast this morning!


  1. Great lessons learned, but now I am hungry for muffins. Bad Crystal! LOL

  2. I agree, we are a big girls, so if we want cake for dinner, why not. Unless, of course, you're a diabetic! Other wise, have pancakes with out syrup...or sugarfree syrup! lol We love breakfast for dinner sometimes!


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