18 September 2010

Baby Beach Shower Items

My hairstylist and fellow MOM friend and I bartered haircuts for favors. I did not know what I was getting into. No really it is fine just I wish I was not sick doing these. Here you go. She asked for 30 of these jars in a JUNGLE theme to put bath salts in. I am also designing and printing 150 labels for Hershey Nuggets......but SHE gets to wrap them YAY! Tomorrow if I don't feel like total death I hope to get the banner she wants done and then my end of the barter will be completed YAY! Here is what I came up with. I used New Arrival and TBBM for the monkey face, the elephant face, and the tag that I stamped THANK YOU on. I hope she likes them since I am NOT doing them over LOL! Everything is inked within an inch of its life LOL!


  1. adorable - but all that for a haircut? She must charge a mint!

  2. Hahha not just one Sheryl. She already did one cut and my eyebrows and that equates to 27 bucks, we are renegotiating my initial estimate since these along took almost 5 hours!

  3. Very cute...I hope you feel better soon. Are you getting a bunch of haircuts, for you and Caitlyn? My Don used to say I should make things to sell, until he saw what goes into some things I have done. He said "You couldn't charge what they are really worth!" I agree, which I only do things for friends and family.
    I'm sure she'll love your creations.

  4. I'm sure these took a lot of time to make.. but they are soooo precious!! You did a great job with them!! Hope you feel better soon!
    barb :)


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