11 September 2010

LSNED Sept 10-11

Here are the lessons I learned for Sept 10 and 11. I know Sept 11 is not over but really there was nothing I (a former Soldier, always patriotic woman, and Army brat) was going to learn that was more important than getting my thoughts down about this day nine years ago. I had a lot to say but mostly "NEVER FORGET!" Where were you that day? What do you remember? Do you realize you are part of history? Scrap it!

For yesterday my lesson was on gratefulness. I am so grateful for my little healthy happy family where two plus one is three. In life we tend to get hung up on the everyday stressors (or I do) and I need to remind myself that we are so blessed and lucky. I have seen how others live in the world, all over.I have seen oppression, suppression, poverty beyond your dreams, sexism to the extreme and the worst that mankind has to offer, so I KNOW how lucky we are, just let me assure of you that. We live in a society where we can do/say/be anything that we wish. We can speak our minds and argue our beliefs, practice our religion of choice or not, live how we wish and do what we want. We are so very blessed and lucky. Please remember that always and forever. Hug your loved ones today and everyday. Speak with love and joy not anger and spite!


  1. Thank you for your service to our country! And thank you for the reminder of how blessed we are in America. I remember where I was when we received word about the planes, and all I wanted to do was go home. It seemed a lifetime before we could clock out and go home to get the current news. And it was every bit as horrible as we feared. God bless America, and our service men & women!!!

  2. Beautiful Crystal. Well spoken. I know that I've thanked you for your service to our country before, but let me take this opportunity to do so again on this day. I will never forget where I was, what I was doing and how I felt on that fateful day. I did a blog entry first thing this morning on my blog in memoriam of a friend that was lost in tower 2. Would love for you to stop by and read it when you get a moment.


  3. Thanks for these perfect words to remind us all of the importance of gratitude, and thank you for your service and that of your family's. ~ hugs, beejay

  4. I haven't forgotten either. I too sometimes get caught up in everyday hang ups and need to remember the little things. Love the Book you did!


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