27 March 2010

Trying to get my mojo back!

I used George for the hearts.Title is thickers. Doodling and used a new border punch I bought! This day Caitlyn was super cranky and clingy and nothing I did worked so I turned on the Disney channel and set in the rocking chair and before Jonathan got done showering she was DONE! She could not have been too comfortable but she stayed like that for over an hour!
I am not sure if you can read the corny journaling but it is written like a fight announcer. These pictures are from Caitlyns first road trip from NC to MD! She tried so hard to stay up but Cammie the Camry (my car) was too much and she was OUT!
I hand cut and drew the roads. Everything else (besides the VA and MD signs) is from Going Places. The journal tags are another punch I was blessed with. The VA and MD signs are actually pictures we took that I just cut out. Not sure if you can see but the window of the car says NEW CHAPTER and the little sign says MARYLAND OR BUST.

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  1. well, it looks like you got it back. I love the driving layout and the Caitlyn vs the car. Great, great, great!


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