23 March 2010

Potty training update

It has been a while since I updated you on our trials and successes in potty training. Well I can say quite proudly that she is daytime number one potty trained. She is even TELLING me when she needs to go instead of mooning/flashing everyone (most of the time!) Now number two is a WHOLE other story. It is like the entire world is ending and she is traumatized in fear of going poop in the potty! We had a few days of successes to be followed up today by a NASTY up the back accident at Chick Fila (Think she may just not like Chick Fila? LOL). Nighttime potty training is going to take some time so for now we are in diapers during the night. I hope that changes soon. Overall we are doing good, a few more moonings and flashing but that is about it! LOL!


  1. Sounds like she is moving along well Crystal! Congratulations on that! It's a process, but before long you'll forget all about the potty training horrors, I promise!

  2. So good for little Miss! I'm proud of her and her success! It will take a little longer on the night time and the poopy potty!
    Kim xXx


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