02 March 2010

Deals, Scores and Bargains!!!! WOOHOOO!

I ran out of the house when DH got home today to hit up Walmart and Michaels. I had legitimate things we needed and well Michaels was just for Mommy time! I am glad I did go to Walmart though, I got little one FIVE pairs of jeans, two dressy dresses, two shirts for 18.00 TOTAL!!! WOW! I bought them big for this coming winter. WOOHOO!

At Michaels I got a CUTE scrapping shirt for 5 with my 50% off coupon. Then I got two new stamps sets with 40% off coupons and all the books you see were .............wait for it........are you sure you are ready????............THIRTY CENTS EACH!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!!! YAY BABY! I love bargains!!!!!!!

Dont you just LOVE bargains! Oh the picks were .59 each and the glue dots were full price but they are for a friend!


  1. YOu go girlie! Love to get great bargains and you sure did! Those clothes for Caitlyn are so cutie patootie!
    Kim xXx


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