03 March 2010

Day 4 and 5 of potty training

We are chugging along with it. She is doing fantastic, way better than I expected. Yesterday we had to go to the doctor, it was our first outing and it was super stressful for Mommy. She OF COURSE pooped in her panties at the doctors and OF COURSE a four year old little girl had to announce it to everyone in the waiting room. She was only trying to help but it was not fun. The big potty scared her and she started crying, but nothing like when the doctor came in to look at her! OH GEESH! I totally do not like going to the doctor with this chick, it is payback for how I was with my Mom. SORRY MOM! LOL! My mom told me that when I was like ten I had to get a shot for something and it took her holding me in her lap, a nurse holding my arms, another one holding my legs and another one to give me the shot! I was apparently upset! While my little brother was in the waiting room crying for ANOTHER shot! OH goodness, I am in for it!

Besides that we had a great day of her telling me when she needed to go and me turning my focus on to telling her it was time to try when she went too long.

Today was another eventful day. We went walking at the mall with our walking group and she did FANTASTIC UNTIL we let them get out and play on the little toys and I had JUST asked her if she needed to go and she told me No then she did! UGH! Since I used all my luck up when I married my fantastic hubby, I did not have a spare pair of pants, but hers were soaked. So we put new panties on, USED THE BIG GIRL POTTY WOOHOO, and then I wrapped her up in my fleece to disguise that she did not have pants on and flew out of the mall in a short sleeve shirt into the wind! YIKES! BUT she was OK and I had pants in the car. No worries I learned my lesson, my purse now has two pairs of pants, a shirt, two pairs of socks and three undies AND I am packing a little book bag with a spare everything for her to carry! We will not be caught off guard again LOL! Tonight was super successful and she went into the potty alone and did her business, or so we thought. She came out sans panties and we had to remind her to go get them, she made an "O" face and cracked us up. I took her in there about 15 minutes later to find POOP in the potty! WOOHOO! Now let me say that if you would have told me three years ago that I would be ECSTATIC to find poop in a potty I very well may have thrown up on you but I was so excited! She did it all on her own! She is so smart (yes I know all kids do but dang it I am a proud mommy!). So that was our day five, I hope day 6 is even better!!!


  1. Hang in there Crystal! It takes time. You might wanna buy some of those thick underpants... the kind that absorb if there is an accident. LOL! Packing a change of clothes in a cute backpack is the right idea! I still pack a change of clothes when we are going anywhere longer than 1 hour away and my kids are 7 & 9!! LOL!

  2. LOL! I could not help but laugh at your adventure..I remember those days all to well. My ds was potty trained by 3 BUT he refused to poop in a potty. He would bring me a diaper, we would put it on, he would do his business, and then we would take it off, and he would wipe himself!!! LOL! He didnt like the "splash" as he called it.
    Just keep in mind, that if there is alot happening, i.e. kids playing, then wont stop to go so be prepared.
    Your doing fine! Good job Mom!

  3. Thanks ladies. we went to the mall to walk and we did ok, but on the drive out to target to get rubber training pants we had an accident and were UPSET! We are home now where it is TONS easier!


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