06 March 2010

Park, Walk and Shoveling Snow (potty training adventure)


Today it was nice out, OK not nice by Mawmaw's standards but by Maryland standards. It was in the 40's and sun shine, but the wind was a little rough! Anyways, we decided to brave it and take little miss to her favorite park about ten miles away. I put a pull up on her over her panties JUST IN CASE but had the backpack too. She did FANTASTIC! We had two successful trips to the potty there at the park and only one tiny accident, where we just did not make it fast enough! She played, slid, ran, and got jealous about Daddy saving a kid from bonking their head for over 1.25 hours! Then we headed out to the Michael's right down the road, they carry different things, and I forgot to ask her when we were leaving if she needed to go. Right as we are passing Target to go home she goes "I POTTY! I POTTY!" as loud as can be and is almost crying! So Jon rips her out of the car seat while I pull up to the curb and they run in, barely making it! WHEW! Great job little one! We were so proud that she was able to tell us!

After a long nap we went for a walk. She took Minnie in the stroller. We came in went potty, and right back out to help Daddy shovel the still there big pile of snow/ice. She LOVED helping and running around the snow as we flung it into the street. She also STAYED dry! WOOHOO! What a big girl!

Now it was not all successes today, she had a FIT when she pooped in her panties, you would have thought we were trying to stick her with needles or something! Poor girl! Took some trying to calm her down! Goodness! I don't know what the issue was! We do not punish or yell when she has an accident so not sure what the issue was.


  1. Sounds like a fun and eventful day! Don't you love it that she is saying "I POTTY!"
    Way to spend a beautiful day together. I can't wait to see the layouts you make!
    Kim xXx

  2. Wow what a day:) That's awesome that she was able to tell you that she had to go potty!!


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