31 March 2010

For you- For the moms this weekend

Again I apologize for the lighting. I only get to craft at night these days. These are altered (simply) Starbucks Frap bottles. My wonderful friend Nancy on the cricut Messageboard has an addiction to these and was nice enough to send me a few to alter. Here are five for this weekend. Super simple and easy. I filled them with Easter Grass and Hershey Almond Kisses for the Moms this weekend.

On a side note, if you could spare a happy thought/prayer for me tomorrow I would appreciate it. I am going to to the doctor (nothing serious) but I hate doctors and this appointment will determine my Veterans Disability Rating (i.e. what care I will get for the rest of my life being a Vet). I am super anxious, have been all week, since it is in downtown Baltimore and I have to drive alone and never been there, and of course I hate going to the doctors. So just a happy though I would appreciate!


  1. You got it. The drive downtown to a place I've never been before, always gets me nervous. Then add the Dr. visit. Ugh. My husbands Vet appointment for disability determination was really easy though. Hope it goes well for you!

  2. Oh and these are great! We can't get them here in Italy except when we go up to the Air Force base about three times a year (or more if we have to go to the Dr.). So, now I will keep this in mind for the next time we go, because they are great!

  3. I will be praying for you girl! And this project is way cute!

  4. these are soooo adorable! love them! i am trying to do something similar for my hubby and son if i can ever get time to sit down and make them! LOL! you did terrific girl! hugs!


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