26 December 2009

What are your scrapping/crafting resolutions for 2010?

Yes I know I am early. But I already have mine and am interested in yours! What are they?

1. USE all my carts AT least once on a layout or card throughout the year!
2. Get my Cmas cards for 2010 done before Halloween!
3. Get caught up to at least six months behind in Cs and family album.
4. Scrap about our first house, first cruise, this Christmas, and each of our family members (at least a page for each one)
5. Purge at least six times this year; donate, sell, or RAK it to someone that will need it.
6. With the exception of new carts, cuttlebug folders and adhesives do not buy something without a plan for it. Use it within a week or it goes backto the store!
7. Learn to sew on my layouts!
8. Have all Cmas gifts done before December 1st including Caitlyns third birthday party items.

What about you?!


  1. Crystal ~ I love your resolutions!! I plan on paying off a big chunk of debt this year so that means not much in the purchasing of sb stuff!! :( I work a bit so I have a little cushion of $$ coming in but I want to try to save as much of that as I can. If PC would stop putting out amazing carts... :sigh: I too want to get caught up in layouts! So mine is to get layouts done and cut out a bulk of spending!! Only paper and adhesive!!

    Happy New Years!!

  2. Wow, ladybug, you have a major plan going on! I really like your resolutions, I think I may try to stick very close to yours, sounds like a winning plan to me!
    Kim xXx

  3. Kim thank you sweetie! I am trying to do these, need to get things wrapped up for this year, print pictures and I am set. Now mind you some of my layouts will be super simple until I find my groove and mojo again! (Stupid meds!) LOL!

  4. I love your 'Crafty Resolutions' what a great twist! I want to learn a couple of new techniques. I want to find a craft store in Italy and I want to learn how to properly combine patterns. Ha.

    I would like to publicly thank you for the awesome things you do behind the scenes. You are an amazing woman and mother! May your new year be very rewarding!


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