13 December 2009

Countdown Calendar and Glitter Ornaments

This countdown to Christmas calendar is two years old! I participated in an awesome swap with some very talented ladies. Everyone made one day with the number and something Christmas themed. You made 25 of those and got back one of your own and 24 others so that you had the complete set. I added magnets and painted the inside of a cookie sheet, altered it with some paper and ribbon and of course a circut title and have hung it up every year. This was extra special because it was done when I was pregnant with Caitlyn, I did day 25 (the angel). Heather, a good friend, made sure to that I got a spot and that it was this one since Caitlyn was due around that time, our little angel. Get it? LOL! Still warms my heart! I love it!
These are all the rave on the cricut board right now. They are clear glass ornaments, remove the top pour some PLEDGE FLOOR SHINE FUTURE in there, swish to cover, remove extra, funnel in desired glitter, swish to cover remove excess. Replace top and add ribbon or vinyl as desired. I will add names or pictures with vinyl later. I just wanted to try this so badly and they turned out awesome. I got rid of all my glitter a while back since I don't use it, but had blue and brown (thank you Danielle!) and some Fire Opal from before. What do you think?


  1. Gorgeous is what I think. I'm going to have to give these a whirl! TFS, sista!
    Kim xXx

  2. beautiful projects! i am absolutely lovin' your calendar! gorgeous! hugs!


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