17 December 2009

Day four of the swap-my partners talent!

I am having so much fun with this 12 days of Christmas swap! This is what I was blessed with for today, Day four! I have ALWAYS wanted to do one of these but I do not drink the frappachinos so I could not. BUT My partners husband and daughter do so they were under STRICT rules to drink and give both the bottle and cap back for her to alter for me! I LOVE THEM! They are filled with cocoa, marshmallows (Caitlyn LOVES this the best!), Dove Milk Chocolate (yummy!) and Hershey's Hugs (double yummy!) I am so excited! It is just gorgeous! For her day I made each of her family a bookmark but of course forgot to take pictures. Will be back later to post those but they are no where NEAR what she did! WOW!

Today was a big day for me, I left Caitlyn with Cassie, my new friend here! She is awesome and our girls just LOVE one another! Caitlyn loves her "CheChe". Anyways I left Caitlyn with them for a few hours to run errands, post office, Js, and food lion. I had a great time, found some AWESOME deals and got so much done! Thank you thank you thank you Cassie! Besides family and one time long enough for a movie she is the only one that I have left Caitlyn with thus far. I am told Caitlyn did wonderful and did NOT want to leave when I came and got her! It is so awesome to have someone literally around the corner to help when I need a break/run an errand etc! I am so blessed that Cassie and I get along so well and the girls do too! Bonus is that they are super sweet! YAY!


  1. that is so darn cute! what an awesome job she did! love the colors too! very festive! hugs!

  2. Great Job Pam!! I am so jealous!! Enjoy your goodies!


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