05 December 2009

Caitlyns 2nd Birthday decorations

The banner you already saw, we also cut various sized mouse heads for the wall. Next is the two page layout the left side is for pictures and the right side is for the guests to write a note to Caitlyn to put in her book. Third are the goody bags that I made using Mickey Font. They are supposed to look like Plutos Doggy Bag. The last thing we made is the Pinata, it is a string/pull one not a bash one. Jonathan handmade the pinata and then used Cricut Design Studio to make the face big enough. I cut it out, Brianna (our niece) colored it all in for me. There you go! I will have pictures of the cakes later on today! We are getting ready to go to a Christmas party to see Santa!

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  1. Love all your decorations and so will everyone at the party. The goodie bags are great. You know the kiddos will have a blast with the pinata! Have fun!!!!
    Kim xXx


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