16 December 2011

Ribbons, buttons and bling OH MY!

Today I am sharing a past project for Counterfeit kit blog. Enjoy!

The trees are from M's they are the cardboard ones since I was too cheap to buy the foam (four bucks a tree vs 1.19 for the big one here.) NOW the ribbon tree and I fought, A LOT but I love how it came out just do NOT put your hand inside as the ribbon is held on there with pearl stick pins since the glittered ribbon I was using would NOT stick! I think I used six or eight whole rolls of ribbon on it, but I did not pay more than a buck for each roll. I LOVE how it came out! I will be packing it up nicely and using it over and over.

Now with the button tree which I must admit I love the best, I painted the chipboard (I think that is what it is) tree with green acrylic paint, then got all my red and green and a few clear buttons out and randomly placed them on there with glue dots. Some are held with pearl pens and then some Sticko Shimmering silver dots (LOVE THESE THINGS NEED TO FIND MORE!) for some added bling. Super simple and easy and I love it! I did use all but two of my red buttons though LOL!

Both of the trees have toppers from the mini tree area at Hobby Lobby ( I think they were a buck a piece).(Put the topper on the button one after pictures!) Not too bad for two very unique pieces huh? I have one more and had intentions of doing it with scrap paper, curled up but it will be a project for next year.

What do you think? They are so much more vibrant in person and blingy!

I made these last year and they are still just as pretty and in tack this year as they are sitting on our kitchen table as the centerpieces!


  1. Brilliant trees Crystal - I especially love the button one and I am very impressed with your thrift!

  2. Wow, those trees are amazing! I don't know which one I love the most. It must have taken a lot of time to make those and the effort had to be well worth it. They turned out beautifully! :)


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