10 December 2011

Dec Daily Dec 6-10

Dec 6

Today we celebrated C's actual birthday with cupcakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls and friends over for play. It was loud. It was chaotic, it was a bit stressful but she loved it! She did not freak out when we all sang her happy birthday although she was a bit shy! She loved eating her TWO cupcakes at her special Princess place at the table. She also was very blessed with money from family/friends and she immediately told us that Mr. Piggy bank was hungry and needed his belly full. So all her money went straight into the piggy bank!

This is the baby doll that Nanee and Papaw got her. She cries, whimpers, giggles, coos and sucks. Caitlyn carries her everywhere making sure to hold her head and put her in the carrier that Cassie gave us. She is going to be a fantastic big sister.
NAUGHTY SULLEY and crew, they had a snowball fight while we were sleeping! SANTA DOWN! OH NO!!!!!

Dec 7
Trying out her new Wii game with the 3 D glasses!

Dec 8

Santa sent C a message! A video! Look at that smile! She was amazed that he had pictures of her and knew that she was trying really hard to pick up her toys! I LOVE the look on her face, THIS is what Christmas joy is all about!

Here she is trying out her new skates from Mawmaw and Pawpaw. She knows she is NOT to wear them without the helmet. She is trying to walk in them but she will get it, she is super smart!

Dec 9

Caitlyns birthday present from Mommy and Daddy is this swing/seat combo from Ikea. Sulley was found this morning sitting and reading it all wrapped up in his blanket! Adorable! Good idea J!

DEC 10

Still holding that baby and eating a banana before bed!
Silly Sulley this is how she found him on the morning of Dec 11. All curled up and hiding in the countdown calendar numbers!

15 thank you cards made by Mommy. We need two more! So glad they are done!

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