30 December 2011

2012 Scrapping Goals

Every year I like to make some goals to work towards even though this is simply my hobby right now. This year is no different. So let's get to it!

2012 Scrapping Goals


2. Complete Project Life in a weekly format, but DON'T let it stress me out!

3. Figure out a good system for storing our memorabilia and the bits/pieces of our daily lives.

4. Complete a pregnancy journal/book, since this will be our last journey on this path of life.

5. Make more home decor, gifts, and cards for our lives to cut down on costs and use my stash.

6. Try to get published just because.

7. Continue to enjoy this wonderful hobby and all the things it brings into my life to include documentation of our lives past and present, story telling, great friends and reflection on our blessing and hardships.

What are your goals? What has scrapping/creating brought to your life? What do you wish to get out of it this year? See you in 2012!

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  1. nice goals. I want to get back to my photo a day which I did for four years and then slipped last year. I want to just have fun and continue to tell my story. The spending less sounds good to me too! When you have figured out your memorabilia storage - please let me know ;-)


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