06 December 2011

December Daily thus far-LOOONNG and pic heavy

This is November 23. We splurged and bought tickets to go see ICE! at the Gaylord National Harbor. This year the theme was Merry Madagascar. I was simply amazed! It was only nine degrees in there but it was so fun! There were 2 MILLION pounds of ice carved into these amazing scenes and figurines. Caitlyn's favorite part of course was the five slides! She went down them at least ten times! The coat we were given to wear was all the way down to her ankles! She was so cute! We were dancing, singing, and just generally having a great time. At the end there was a mini train that her and Daddy rode, lots of gifts/trinkets and even a mini ice skating rink! I think we have found our new kick off the holidays tradition!

Thanksgiving and preparing for Christmas/Return of Sulley
Yummy heart shaped homemade biscuits by Daddy!
Our little Turkey breast (none of us like dark meat)

Hand print turkeys we made for Thanksgiving.

Caitlyn was all about putting the tree up this year. We usually wait until AFTER her birthday but she has been asking/begging for weeks and weeks. So instead of going to Michael's on Thanksgiving we stayed home and put up our tree and sparse decorations. She literally drug all three sections out of the box and snapped them together, she is so strong! Of course she gets to do the topper and helped Mommy decorate (notice the FIVE jingle bells on one branch). The tree is perfect for us.

Daddy and Caitlyn found Sulley the elf hiding in a stocking! Caitlyn remembered his name and everything! She was super excited and immediately started posing and snapping pictures! She is so much like her Mommy!

This was the official return of Sulley. He was trying to get in the house and got stuck on the outside window! C ran upstairs to get keys to "unlock" the door to let him in since he was "super cold brrrr. Mommy he is shaking like a leaf. He needs to come inside I wanna kiss him!" She has loved finding Sulley every morning since!

NOVEMBER 25: Today Caitlyn and I hit a few stores later in the morning after the black Friday nuttiness! This is how she found Sulley today! Peek a boo I see you (C thought he was playing like a Jack in the box)

November 26: Today brought Sulley playing the trees that Mommy made last year. A ribbon and a button one! Silly Sulley!
NOVEMBER 27: Today we stayed close to home and hung out. There was lots of lego building, picture snapping, baby playing, running outside and computer playing!

NOVEMBER 28: Today Caitlyn started receiving cards for her birthday from the wonderful Cricut Card Fairy Army. one of them had fairy dust in it which we needed to sprinkle on the front yard for good wishes. She loved putting the "sparklies" all over the place. Sulley was also caught trying to text Santa on Mommy's phone. Naughty Sulley!

NOVEMBER 29/30: Not much holiday themed these days. However Sulley is still out in full force. On the 29th Caitlyn found him trying to sleep in the fruit bowl. He was hiding inside Daddy's gloves on the 30th, just barely peeking out. He was super cold!
DECEMBER 1: Today we started our Countdown to Christmas calendar, our Chocolate advent calendar and Sulley colored C a picture. Thus far this is her favorite way of finding Sulley. The calendar is super special. It was made four years ago by 25 ladies on the Cricut board and I was assigned day 25 (angel) since that is when C was to be born. It also helps with counting, number recognition and the ever present "when is Santa coming?" question! The chocolate Advent calendar has been a tradition in our family for years and years. I had one every year I was growing up and we continued that with Caitlyn!

DECEMBER 2: Today was a fun filled day. Caitlyn woke up to find Sulley all wrapped up in the ribbon. He was trying to fix it and got stuck. She thought it was hilarious. We had breakfast and then all of us headed to her four year old check up. Mommy was DREADING it as all the past doctors appointments have left us both in tears/angry. But this time she was AMAZING! Simply amazing. She did all that was expected/asked of her and only cried when the shots came. She was such a big girl we took her to see Santa for the year, then out to a special lunch. She was so patient and good while waiting in line to see Santa and even talked to him this year. YAY! After seeing Santa his elf asked if she would like to write a letter to the troops. She said "Yes just like Uncle Mac" Our good family friend that is currently stationed in Germany. She drew a red Santa and a green reindeer! Such a sweetie, she even kissed the card before putting it in the box.

DECEMBER 3: Today was spent at home (minus errands). We have a very busy week coming up starting tomorrow so we took time out to relax (or try to) today. Sulley was VERY naughty and made a salt snow angel on my granite counter tops today! NAUGHTY little elf! Lots of cuddling, playing outside and Mommy spent the night wrapping birthday AND Christmas presents. Mommy HATES wrapping so she was grumpy after this!

Don't you love the tree camo paper? I have had it for years and always wrap my Dads gifts in it! The box above is for my parents/brother and the one below is for the in-laws. Almost done and they will be sent off this coming Friday.

DECEMBER 4: Duck Pin bowling party. Today we celebrated for the first time, with just five of Caitlyn's closest friends. We all gathered at a local bowling alley that does Duck Pin bowling (smaller balls and pins and the kids get three tries per frame). We had a ramp which made the balls go so fast and since we were on the end the kids were able to run in between all the waiting. I think everyone had fun!

hanging upside down!

C's best friend!
Hugs for everyone to say thank you!

DECEMBER 5: Today was spent cleaning the house and trying to keep sane. Today was one of "those" days where I kept dropping things, breaking things, things kept falling and generally just a laugh or you may cry sort of day! Jonathan made 4 dozen cupcakes for C's cupcake playdate tomorrow. C requested chocolate and pink since they are now her favorite colors. After dinner the three of us had one single cupcake with a candle. Jon has to work tomorrow so this was our own private celebration. We had to sing "Happy birthday" three times before she would wait to blow out her candle. She informed me that she was missing a party hat so I will whip one up while whipping out our snowman soups tonight. Happy almost fourth birthday baby girl!

DECEMBER 6: Happy fourth birthday sweet monster of mine! I can't believe you are four. Today we have 15 plus kids and their mommies come over for cupcakes and play. Today you found Sulley is the silliest position so far. He was hanging upside down from the top stairs! OH MY! We have to get "pixie dust and get him down" "Don't worry Sulley we will save you!" Your imagination cracks me up. You have changed so much this year, your verbal, problem solving and imagination skills are exploding. I love it (most of the time). I love you sweet monster stink pot!

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