26 January 2012

Project Life WEEK THREE

This week (Jan15 to Jan22) was filled with doctors appointments, Tot Rock blizzard fun, staying home (mommy was sick), and ice/snow filled weekend. We got to see Baby Butler and all is well with the genetic testing thus far YAY! C got to use her Target gift card from her b day for a talking Dora Backpack (help me LOL!). This was her reward for adjusting her behavior in the bath, it is no longer WWIII! C drew a picture of me and put the baby in my tummy! I LOVE THIS! The internet blackout happened, Daddy made cupcakes and C sniped one, lots of fun in the snow/ice; and more. I did not do as well with pictures but I knew I had lots of memorabilia to add, some was not day specific so I filed it back for fillers later on in the year. What about you? how are you doing on PL so far?


  1. A busy week. Hope Youre feeling better

  2. So awesome that you have this much of your own work done!! I can never find time to work on my own family's stuff. Nice Job. Looking forward to getting to know you better on Momenta's D-Lite Team. Cathie


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