19 January 2012

Another small redo in the C.C

Creative cavern, yep that is what the sign says LOL! I redid the decorations on the top of my black/brown Expedit and finally added four layouts (that had not gotten in an album yet) to my display. Again thanks to my wonderful hubby since I am vertically challenged! I hope to rotate things out on the top of the shelf but we will see how I keep up with that! You will notice that my colors are of course blue/brown and accented with white, Gerber daisies and glass. So far this is the only place I can keep glass items away from C's hands! There are various things people have made me that fit the colors, a few things I altered, and the best thing is the light up SHMILY (see how much I love you) sign that hubby made me for Valentines day a few years back. It's a game we play and pretty important to our marriage. I love it. Better than flowers any day!

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  1. I like the wire with the hanging layouts - I have one of those and have been wanting to do something similar above my desk. I have two layouts that I want out the whole year and this would be perfect.... maybe I'll get around to it :-)

    thanks for sharing


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