21 January 2012

Project Life-Week ONE

Yes so I am SO going to have to work on taking pictures of these things. Any tips? YIKES! Here is my first week, its a 2 page spread with the right side being a 6X12 and three 4X6 slots, an 8.5X11 page protector in the middle and a six 4X6 vertical sheet on the left. I have decided to just use what I have on hand for page protectors as I was hearing/reading horrible things about the PL ones AND I did not want to get behind. I know me if I get too behind I will just chuck the whole project. So here is week one. I used mostly patterned paper from the turquoise kit I bought, and a few odds and end scraps from the scrap drawer. I am going SIMPLE on this one. What do you think?

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  1. I think it's looking great - just imagine how much fun this will be to look back on in months or even just a few weeks' time!


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