22 January 2012

Bling with a twist

Bling. You love it, you hoard it but have you really tried to use it differently on your projects? Well that is the challenge today at CKCB! I can't wait to see what you do with it! Today I decided to make a little notebook for a friend. It is very "blingy" but most of the uses are my everyday uses, except for the SEQUINS! Yep that is right, SEQUINS!

I stole the sequins from Caitlyn's stash (ssshhh don't tell her). I had to punch bigger holes in them to save my sanity. Then I simply strung them in a pattern along some twine (added to my kit). Mini glue dots help to ensure they do not move all over the place. What do you think? If you have used sequins before let me know how since we have a TON of these now LOL!
Now for the back I wanted a little something different, she will be using this for list making so I wanted to include a pen. This is my try at that. I let Caitlyn swing this thing around for a little bit and it did not fall off so hopefully it will stay put for a while. All I did was punch two holes in the center, threaded some ribbon and tied TIGHTLY three times! I hope she likes it and can use it!


  1. ah, sequins! I never think to use them in my crafting but they have a habit of going walkabout in my house! When I used to sew for a living, I'd find sequins literally everywhere - in the dog's bed, in my bed, in the bathroom, in my dinner! he he! But I think a few choice sequins on my layouts or projects could maybe be more controllable!! I love that little row of them across the middle and the pearl tail too. Nice job! ;-)

  2. Great little project - I love the blinged initial especially!


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