13 January 2012

Baby Shower times two

I recently co-hosted a double baby shower for two of the to be mommies in my MOMS group. It was chaotic, loud but fun. Here are a few of the things I made. I forgot to get pictures of the "pin the diaper on the baby" game we set up for the kids. But it was just a fit to page cut of a New Arrival (cricut) crawling baby and diapers to match. Of course I prettied up the baby a bit but nothing huge. For part of each Moms gift I made a 12X12 name frame. One Mom had not decided on her new baby's name so I made the big sisters name and will make a matching one for baby when they decide. The other is for the new baby. I hope they liked them.

The other small thing I made were "Mom to be" pins, just because. I bought the decorations and it was pot luck style so that was nice. I hope they had fun, their trunks were full! YAY!

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  1. cute!

    I just wanted to drop by and let you know about the small journalling cards from my Jan CKC kit you asked about. They are Shabby Chic Crafts (shabbychiccrafts.com or shabbychiccrafts.blogspot.com).


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