09 January 2012

My Project Life setup/space

Here is what I came up with. Now remember I am carrying a small coupon organizer in my purse to stuff all the random bits and pieces of our life, and each week will dump it out and recycle what does not make it into the album. This is a little corner next to my laptop.

In the Iris container you will find all the stamps, letters, extra scraps/journal cards I want to incorporate this year.

In the wooden box (that my wonderful hubby made me!) is HALF of the Turquoise and HALF of the Clementine kit, along with a white pen, journaling pen, regular ink pen, post it notes and two date stamps (one smash and one regular). This also holds a good assortment of the title cards, filler cards, stickers, and bi fold cards. It is a good mish mash. When I start to run low, I can restock from the rest of the items I have stored in the original box.

The pink/orange expandable file is for that artwork/creations and bits/baubles that don't fit in the coupon organizer. So far so good, except I need some page protectors. I have my pictures edited, cropped and labeled on my computer. My journaling is done. My bits and bobs need to be sorted but there was not that much from this week. In the winter we tend to stick close to home and do a lot of lounging/playing indoors.


  1. You are so organized! Very inspiring Crystal. xoxo

  2. I like your little PL space. I put all of my cards into my album (so that no 2 are too close together) so that I just have to drop in pictures and journal. I am going to gather an embellishment box of die cuts and flat embellies so that I can add to my kit without adding bulk.

  3. Oh, you are on the ball. I've been taking pictures, but have yet to crack open the album and other supplies.


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