26 February 2011

Mini Mini using my kit

Wow. I am so impressed with myself this month, making this kit has really helped (along with the awesome challenges from Counterfeit Kit Challenge!) Here is a mini mini I made with this tutorial. Now mine is a little off as I do not think I folded it correctly BUT I am super proud of myself since I figured it out. Usually I get frustrated and either give up or have hubby do it, so I was super excited that I GOT IT! I know little things amuse me!

Here are some shots. I had fun posing it with some new props LOL! I plan on putting reasons I love Caitlyn or DH in it!


  1. This is so cute! I love those hearts!

  2. I am proud of you! This is adorable! And how cute are those photos?


  3. Cute mini! I love how you photographed it in the margarita glass!

  4. Love it. I want to try to make one of these, so cute.

  5. eww lah lah you sexy thing now give we your sexiest pose...yes pout your lips you hot little book... now that I had fun with your photo shoot your book turned out great and I want to try making one.. now to add it to my things to do list

  6. you did the mini album! so cute :) and it poses do beautifully!


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