09 February 2011

It is ALL Bethanys fault!

That is my story and I am sticking to it! LOL! I needed some "props" to display things and so off to Goodwill Caitlyn and I went. I spent 19.00 but I also got two books (one to read and one to make paper flowers from) a 12X12 3 drawer Sterilite container and a super cool clock for Jonathan, so awesome prices. Here is what I have to display things. I also picked up an embossed white ceramic plate from the Dollar Tree that will hold bigger items. I think I am set now. For the cloth etc I am going to be using Caitlyns shirts LOL! Hey it works! I have to figure out how to remove the prices that are written in black sharpie I think, any suggestions?

In the above picture I thought the margarita glasses would be super cute to display ribbon, trim, lace etc or even beads and baubles. The little white containers with cork lids would work well for borders or even pretty flowers LOL. The huge thing in the back left corner is an LED candle holder (I think) and will work well for various items.
In this picture we have four pieces, a small goblet with some intricate work on the outside, a small plate, a small corning ware pan (?) and a cup thing (sorry do not know proper terms for them). I figure they will work well for stands (thanks Bethany!) or to hold things! What do you think? Did I do good? Will these help with my pictures? Or did I just waste money? Be honest!


  1. What? No gravy boat? LOL Okay...my thoughts:
    Margarita glasses...love! The fact that they are clear will make them really fun for staging in front of a cool background. White containers (with corks) can't really see in them, but super cute for storage or with ribbon hanging out. Candle holder...love! Small goblet on a plate..perfect! I want those! I like them stacked! Corning ware with cup...very pretty! Like the clean lines on those. You did great! I want to go shopping now!

  2. I think I too may have to swing by a charity shop later this week. Lovely purchases.

  3. I think they will look great, thats a good idea. I have all kinds of stuff around the house I could use. Thanks for the idea!

  4. oh, I think you are planning on putting the border strips sticking out of the top of the containers with the corks, right? If that's the case, I thik that will look cool...almost like how a reed diffuser holds the reeds fanned out of the top. I STILL haven't gone to the thrift store yet...You are motiviating me! Awesome job.

  5. Great display and storage pieces! I went to TJ Maxx and spent WAY mpre than $19 so you did good!

  6. If the sharpy is on plastic or glass, a bit of hairspray on a q-tip should allow you to remove it.

    Nice props :)


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