20 February 2011

Cupcake Liner Flowers OH LA LA (Frosted Designs)

I just think these are adorable. They may not be for layouts but they could easily be for cards you will not send, home decor, minis etc. They are VERY dimensional. You can use less cupcake liners to make them less dimensional if you choose. Let's get started!

You will need: 8 cupcake liners, I used white so that I was able to spritz them to match an upcoming project; one green pipe cleaner per flower,and a hole punch (I used my crop a dile)
Line the eight cupcake liners in front of you.
Now squish them flat with your hand, they do NOT have to be perfect!
After they are all relatively flat, gather them into a stack and fold in half.
Using your crop a dile punch ONE hole in center of fold but NOT on crease!
Open the folded liners to reveal two holes, now thread all flowers onto pipe cleaner, then back down through the second hole.
This is what the top inside will look like before you pull it tight.
At this point you can twist the excess of the pipe cleaner OR make a leaf like I will later on.
Now one layer at a time pinch the bottoms of each liner into the center. This is NOT perfect and is totally up to you.
What mine looks like before rearranging it a bit.
And here we go! What do you think? I plan on making some of these and placing in a little pot that Caitlyn paints for Grandparents Day this year. You could also omit the pipe cleaner and use glue dots to adhere the layers together in the center, then scrunch around a big blingy brad or a button. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination. Fancy them up with spray ink, shimmer, rhinestones, chalk, ink etc. Have fun with it, I hope you like them!


  1. I'm loving this tutorial! Might incorporate this into centerpieces at our Night Out For Ladies at church sometime. Perfect!

  2. You are a master...we tried to make these for Valentines day...and just ended up quitting! These are great!

  3. This looks like a great rainy day project for me and my daughter this spring! thanks for the how to!
    barb :)

  4. I love them, these would make a great gift for little ones to give mom and dad

  5. Really cool flowers. I think I will have try to make some of these for Spring.

  6. This is such a fabulous idea crystal!! Can't wait to have a try!! Angela xxx


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