14 November 2010

Show me Sunday November 14- Bottle cap Push Pins

This is my first tutorial for Frosted Designs. I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think!
Happy Sunday! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! I am so excited to be here and show you how to make your own bottle cap push pins. Now this idea is NOT originally mine, it came from Hip Chicks but I loved it and wanted to share it. Please excuse my messy Basic Grey work mat, I had to take all the pictures myself! Here we go!
For this fun project you will need the following items:
  • bottle caps
  • a hammer of some sort
  • Glossy Accents/Crystal Effects or Diamond glaze
  • a circle hole punch that coordinates with how big your bottle caps are (mine were one inch)
  • FLAT backed plain pushpins OR tacks
  • Patterned paper scraps
  • E-6000 adhesive

Step ONE: Using the hammer of your choice flattened the bottle cap. You can also make these without flattening the caps but in my experiment they looked better flattened.
STEP TWO: Centering the design you want on the pushpin, use your circle punch to punch out pattered paper.
STEP THREE: Apply a thin layer of crystal effects/diamond glaze/glossy accents to the entire bottom of the bottle cap. Make sure to cover it all and remove any air bubbles.
STEP FOUR: Gently lay your patterned paper circle in the bottom of the bottle cap while adhesive is still wet. Gently push down to make sure it adheres and to remove any air bubbles.
STEP FIVE: Apply a generous amount of glossy accents/diamond glaze/crystal effects to the top of the patterned paper. Make sure to cover it all but do NOT overfill. Set aside and let dry overnight at least!
STEP SIX: After the glossy accents/diamond glaze/crystal effects has COMPLETELY dried flip the bottle cap over. Using a small drop of the E-6000 adhesive to the back center of the bottle cap.
STEP SEVEN: Adhere the FLAT SIDE of a tack/push pin to the E-6000 adhesive. Allow to dry.
This is what it should look like while drying.
Front when all finished!
Back view. You could also use flat tacks but all I had were these clear pushpins. I did not want to buy anything for this project!
And finally the side view!

This is a side view on the cork board. Again if you use the flat silver tacks you will not get as much protrusion.
Finished product!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. These were so fun and EASY to make. You could also add buttons, ribbon, flowers, glitter or whatever other embellishment you wished. Make a set of four or six, place in leftover foam from product packaging, wrap and there you go easy peasy Christmas/whenever gift for a favorite friend. I love them. They add so much pop to your cork boards! Thanks for learning with me!


  1. OMG! Excellent instructions, now where will I find bottle caps? Not to worry I know they are out there some where. Wonderful ideal TFS.

  2. That is so neat, I am going to have to try these. I bet these would make a cute Christmas present, thanks for showing how to make them!

  3. Crystal.. I love the step by step directions with all the photos!! It is going to make it so much easier when I make mine!! and i can't wait!!
    barb :)

  4. CRYSTAL - THESE ARE FABULOUS. I love your tutorial and oh what a great idea. Beautiful job!!!

  5. Crystal, you did a fantastic job on the tutorial!!! Wonderful idea!!! TFS!!! Hugs!!

  6. OMG!!!O love this idea. I would have never thougt of doing anything like that with bottle caps. Thanks, you did a great jog:)


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