24 November 2010

30 days of Thankfulness: November 19th-24th

Nov 19th:

I am thankful that my little brother GOT THE JOB and will not at this time be joining the military. THANK YOU ALL for the prayers!

Nov 20th:

Today I have two things to be thankful for. I am thankful for books, I love to read but when I do I am oblivious to the rest of the world and for the Cricut Card Fairies who have sent close to 700 missions so far! I love those girls!

Nov 21st:

Today I am thankful for those friends in real life that you don't talk to forever but can pick up RIGHT where you left off no worries or issues. I am also very thankful for my virtual friends who keep me sane during the day, without them some days I would never talk to another adult until after 4 pm!

Nov 22nd:

Today I am thankful for my little girls voice, her laugh, her smile, I just want to bottle it all up. I am also thankful for my brother, SIL, BIL, cousins and inlaws, without them we would not be here. Two weeks from today C turns THREE!

Nov 23rd:

I am thankful for the fact that I have feelings even if they do get hurt like this morning.

Nov 24th:

Today I am thankful for Cassie and ALL my MOMS club friends, without ALL of you I am not sure what C and I would have done up here, we would be hermits and very unhappy I am sure so thank you!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, those are all wonderful things to be thanksful for you are a wonderful person whitha heart of gold your family must be [roud of you.


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