11 October 2010

Our fun filled weekend!

WOW! We had a FANTASTIC 3.5 day weekend. I took over 400 photos this weekend alone! YIKES! Now granted about 1/2 or more of those are horrible, or C is not looking! I seriously have to snap ten pictures of her to get a good one THANK GOODNESS for DIGITAL! Here are some highlights and why I have nothing crafty to show you this weekend!

These are from Saturday. We went to a one day Harvest festival at a local park/farm with friends. It was not all laughs and happiness as you see but mostly it was SO MUCH FUN!

Yes we match!
Every time the rooster crowed she laughed so hard people stopped just to hear it! LOVE IT!

Picking lollipops.

Our finished corn husk doll. She was not that interested in it!

Caitlyn and Mommy CHEESE!

I think it was a tie between milking the "fake" cow and the bounce house for her favorite things!

These dang things were NOT easy to steer!

Breakdown number three I think since she did not want to leave!

Making caterpillars on a stick!

Pumpkin bowling!

Caitlyn and her BFF fishing for ducks!
The only decent picture we got of the three of us since she would NOT look at the camera.

SUPER Excited!
Giving the new calf HUGS (she also pet him)
Petting the new baby chicks. She was so gentle!

Feeding the goats and sheep. She loved this and they were super hungry!

Daddy caught a chicken so she could pat it.

Daddy feeding the chicken.

Exploring the pumpkin patch

Her new thing "I LOVE YOU" in sign language I LOVE IT!
This is Rocky the ox, she loves him he is HUGE!
Checking out the chicks feet

Helping Mommy hold the chick
HUGE step for me, feeding animals.
On the hay ride
Here is my pumpkin Daddy
Playing in the pumpkins.

Do you see how much fun we had? She loved it and I loved having the time with my family and friends. Next two weekends we have family/friends coming in from out of town and then Halloween and several parties! Talk soon!

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  1. She is growing so much!!! Looks like good times were had all around!


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