31 October 2010

Chocolate Survival Kit and beaded pens

I made this for my awesome friend Sandy for a swap we were in. I love how it turned out. The clear box came from Ms in the kids camp aisle this summer. I think I paid like .49 each. I got quite a few. I then just picked out patterned papers and decorated mini candy bars with paper and ribbon, decorated the top, bottom and insides. She said she loved it and it was a quick and easy thing to do. You could also do what a great friend of mine Rickie did for me a few years back and wrap mini nuggets in pictures of the kiddos. Although I never did eat those! LOL!

The beaded pens were super easy and I love how they turned out. I think I made like 10 of these in one sitting for various people. I used simple pentel RSVP pens that you can get at Staples or even the dollar tree, Martha Stewart clear glass microbeads, red sticky tape, a heat gun and lots of adhesive.

P.S. A reminder that I will be posting daily starting tomorrow with either a small page or a sentiment of what I am thankful for. I would love for you all to play along!!!

P.S.S. I will be hosting another Cricut Card Fairy Blog Hop this coming month so stay tuned for that and a chance to win a new cart!

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  1. Love the treat box, I have enjoyed making these for Valentines day.
    Love the personalized pen ides, will have to look for some empty's like that.


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