25 April 2010

Tot School today

I have been slacking with Tot School only because we were so busy last week. We were gone daily from about 8 to right before nap time, then outside to play and dinner and bath. However this week is calling for rain (will believe it when I see it!) so we have some fun "learning' things planned. I reused the Egg dying containers (ran through dishwasher first of course) and then cut up some scraps of card stock to coordinate with the color of the cup. The first time I tried this she wanted nothing to do with it. Then Daddy found her playing by herself so he sat down and showed her and she loved it. She got them all right too! Guess I will have to challenge her more. He would hand her a piece of card stock, ask the color, make her say it, and then tell her to put it in the cup of the same color. She did great!

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  1. I love that you are doing Tot school! She will be so prepared for preschool! Way to go little Miss!
    Kim xXx


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